How to Sell a Business: Prepare for the Sale

Prepare Financials

  • Are your financials straightforward, accurate, and easy to understand?
  • How to prepare your financials for a successful sale
  • What do we mean by financial statements?
  • The four steps to preparing your financials
  • Sample adjustments that can be made
  • Sample normalized financial statement

The Asking Price

  • How do I price my business?
  • How do you define profit?
  • Other terms for profit
  • Method #1 for pricing your business – the cash flow method
  • Example scenario using the cash flow method
  • Method #2 for pricing your business – comparable sales
  • What are comparable sales?
  • What should the price include?
  • What about inventory?

Price Your Business

  • Valuing a business that is losing money
  • Sample scenario for pricing a business that is losing money

Seller Financing

  • What is seller financing?
  • How do I know how much to finance?
  • Statistics on seller financing
  • The bottom line
  • Bank financing
  • Free guide on seller financing

Prepare Key Documents

  • Financial Statements
  • Lease
  • Equipment List
  • Seller’s Disclosure Statement
  • Bank Statements

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