How to Sell a Business: Screen Buyers

Research About Buyers

  • Our research about buyers
  • What it is like to buy a business – the buyer’s viewpoint
  • The bottom line about buyers
  • The right way to respond to buyer inquiries

How Buyers Respond

  • Most buyer respond to your ads by email
  • Why buyers respond by email 

Responding to Inquiries

  • Creating an effective response to buyers that gets results
  • Most buyer inquiries come through email
  • What response rate do most sellers get after emailing a buyer back?
  • Sample response to a buyer inquiry

What is an NDA?

  • What is a confidentiality agreement?
  • How do I use a confidentiality agreement or NDA?

The Secret to Screening

  • How to screen buyers step by step
  • What to include in the NDA
  • Weeding out buyers who are unlikely to buy a business
  • Why not to explain what an NDA is to buyers

What to Send to Buyers

  • What should I send after I receive the buyer’s NDA?
  • Can you answer the following questions about your business?
  • Sample Business Summary

The Efficient Sale

  • The method we use to sell businesses with the minimum possible effort

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