How to Sell a Business: Screen Buyers

The Efficient Sale

The secret to selling your business the most efficient way possible.

Here is the method we use to sell businesses with the minimum possible effort:

  1. Advertise the business for sale using the business-for-sale websites.
  2. Receive buyer inquiries.
  3. Immediately send the buyer a brief email on the business (1-3 paragraphs) and an NDA to sign if the buyer would like to see the full package (Business Summary).
  4. Receive the buyer's NDA and check to see if they are qualified financially.
  5. Email the buyer the Business Summary.
  6. Interested buyers then typically call or email to set up an appointment to physically see the business.
Once this process is set up, it takes less than an hour per month to prescreen buyers and set up appointments (We automate this process, however, it should still take you less than one hour per month.). You are left with prescreened and interested buyers who physically want to see your business and know the answers to dozens of questions about your business. There is little left to discuss other than answering a few more questions, showing the buyer the business and possibly discussing an offer to purchase.