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Morgan & Westfield: A Business Brokerage for the Digital Age

Selling your business is the apex of your financial life. After investing your blood, sweat and tears into an enterprise that has provided for you, your family and your employees, the moment has finally come for you to start a new chapter in your life. Perhaps you may pursue retirement, look for a better opportunity, or choose other paths you’ve been wanting to explore.

The decisions and choices you make in selling your business will have long-lasting implications. You need a trusted advisor. You need someone who knows how the process works. You need someone who has a proven track record of selling a business. You need Morgan & Westfield.

Morgan & Westfield’s (M&W) business model is exceptionally unique. Here are the elements that make us  special and eminently qualified to guide you through the business sales process:

We are a digital agency:

Your dealings with us will occur over the phone and via email. Our fee structure is based on efficiencies gained by operating in this manner. You reap the benefits.

Amazon, Facebook and Google are prime examples of how our economy has changed. Products, services and information are sold, advertised and provided by these giants without a customer ever gracing a brick and mortar building. The business model of these digital pioneers is built on the backbone of the Internet, where people buy and sell with the click of a mouse. Morgan & Westfield can harness the power of the Internet to market your business around the world and identify the most qualified buyers.

We are not exclusively commissioned-based:

While traditional brokers charge 10-12 percent, our fee-based structure is more economical for you.

Most brokers work exclusively on a commission basis. Buyers pay the commission, which is factored into the purchase price. Morgan & Westfield offers a transparent fee structure that allows you to select which services you want. In the end, fees paid to Morgan & Westfield will be far less than 10-12 percent you would have paid a commissioned broker.

We offer a time-tested formula for selling a business in the digital age:

Our proven four-step process has been used in hundreds of business sales. The power and reach of the Internet allow us to reach buyers across the globe, getting you the best price for your business.

Morgan & Westfield's proven formula for selling a business has four steps:

1. Assess

We interview you and assemble a 20-100-page document that includes a comprehensive review of your business, pricing guidelines, industry rules of thumb and comparable industry transactions. We also include a valuation of your property and a customized game plan for you to sell your business.

2. Prepare

Successful selling a business begins with preparation. This step involves preparing key documents and materials used to package and market your business. These may include your company’s financial overview, a business summary and a valuation of the business.

3. Market

M&W’s strength is getting your business in front of as many qualified potential buyers as possible. We do this by identifying target markets and packaging your business for optimal results. We market your business on the top business sales websites.

4. Close

In this final step, we help negotiate the terms of the transaction, assist drafting a basic offer to purchase, addenda, transaction timeline and a due diligence checklist. We orchestrate the entire due diligence and closing process.

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NOTE: Morgan & Westfield only works with companies with annual revenue greater than $100,000. Please do not schedule a telephone consultation if the gross revenue of your business is less than $100,000 per year. If your revenue falls below $100,000, we unfortunately will not be in the position to assist you.