How to Sell a Business: Advertise

Sample Ad Copy

Okay, here goes. Here is an actual ad copy we have used – it got an amazing response.

Lifestyle Sports Business 99k Down on California Coast

Stable revenue, stable cash flow. Fun, extremely rewarding business, ideal for sports-oriented buyer. Shorter operating hours. Work indoors and outdoors. Highly motivated, realistic seller with seller financing. Business is growing and is stable. There is probably no more enjoyable business if you love sports. This seller is very serious, we have full documentation, long-term lease, and seller financing is readily available.

Have a 401k or IRA? Buy this with your IRA/401k with NO tax penalties.

EMAIL NOW to immediately SEE A FULL PACKAGE ON THIS BUSINESS. We have an electronic NDA you can sign in 30 seconds then we send you a complete 15-page full color summary and audio interview with the seller.


Why did this ad get such a great response?

The Title: It has a catchy title and appealed to nearly every buyer. Lifestyle, low down payment ($99k), California Coast – Can you ask for more?

Numbers: The numbers are solid and we posted them.

Ad Copy: The ad copy mentions exciting highlights of the business, not boring characteristics, such as square footage or length of the lease.

Call to Action: The ad asks for an immediate email and offers an immediate response, along with a complete package. This is a major hot button for buyers.

Low Down Payment: The seller is offering seller financing with about half down, another hot button for buyers.


What can you do?

You have a business that isn’t on the coast in California, is not making a lot of money, and is relatively boring. What can you do to write a better ad?

Write a strong, catchy title: Find out what is unique about the business and put it in the ad. There is something unique about your business, find it.

Numbers: If your business is not highly profitable then try using projected numbers for the gross sales and cash flow and offer an explanation for how this could be achieved.

Ad Copy: Keep the ad copy crisp and sexy. Point out the highlights (on the coast, seller financing, verifiable numbers, long lease, etc.), not the boring traits, such as five-year lease, 30 tables and chairs, north part of town, etc.

Call to Action: We will fully explain this in another email. It definitely warrants a complete explanation.

Financing: Offer seller financing. Ads with seller financing get a significantly higher response.


Need help advertising your business for sale?

Call us today to see how we can help. We have complete advertising programs for your business for a very low cost and we do not require contracts. We can assist you in writing your ad copy, placing the ads, prescreening buyers, and all steps involved in generating qualified buyers for your business.

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