How to Sell a Business: The Showing

Set a Meeting

Avoid endless back and forth emails and calls with buyers - set a meeting, and do it soon in the process.


What do I do with interested buyers? Set a meeting. Set a meeting. Set a meeting.

Interested buyers will likely call you and have specific questions for you. Do or say anything you can to set a physical meeting. This always increases the chances of a successful deal. Get the buyer to invest time. Meet the buyer and establish trust. Show them the business. It is okay to answer their basic questions; however, you should gently persuade the buyer to come see you.

Why do you think we only include 2-3 pictures in the Business Summary? This is so we leave some curiosity in the buyer's mind and it gives them a reason to come see the business and meet you.

You can tell them that you have additional information on the business that you would like to share with them, such as your financial statements, the detailed Seller’s Disclosure Statement or any other documents they may want to see. Try to avoid emailing these, especially your financial statements. Get them to come meet you.

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