Negotiating an Offer to Purchase

You have a potential buyer for your business. What do you do? Call Morgan & Westfield. At Morgan & Westfield, we can help you prepare the documents necessary to finalize an offer. We can help you turn that offer into a sale and save you money on attorney fees. Our closing services are available even if you haven’t used any of our other services. That’s the benefit of working with Morgan & Westfield. We can help you with the entire sale process - or any part of it.

We offer assistance from experienced experts. If you have identified a buyer who is interested in submitting an offer, Morgan & Westfield can handle it for you at a low cost. We have all the necessary forms in place to manage the transaction. Once a qualified buyer is identified, we can assist you from start to finish.

Morgan & Westfield can help you with things like deal structuring, financing, and numerous other creative solutions that are often required to successfully sell a business in today’s marketplace. Our rates can be structured as contingent fees payable at closing, or you can pay reduced upfront fees. 

For seller convenience and security, we recommend an asset purchase agreement (with refundable earnest money deposit). This works better than a non-binding letter of intent every time.

Morgan & Westfield will handle this and other critical details, including:


  • Drafting a basic agreement and addenda.
  • Creating a transaction timeline and a due diligence checklist - a precise listing of the documentation and other requirements needed to close the sale.
  • Suggesting a guarantee. We explain to the buyer the necessity of personally guaranteeing the seller’s promissory note.
  • Exploring creative financing terms. This can help to increase the price of your business.
  • Developing a counter offer, if needed.