As a business owner, you dream of success, profits, satisfied customers, and--hopefully--of someday retiring to start that next chapter of your life. But not all business owners retire after selling their companies. As a young family man with a passion for life, art and startup businesses, Jeremy Wells had just sold a business, and now he's taking some much-deserved time-off before going on to his next big endeavor.
Jeremy shares with us his experiences in selling his company during some challenging times. Was it as difficult as he thought it might be? Did he have any regrets? What can other business owners learn from his experiences?  

If you’ve been leasing your building or your business is growing and you’re thinking about buying commercial property for the first time, our guest on this edition of “Deal Talk” tells you why you shouldn’t do it without the help of a real estate attorney. From structural problems to environmental issues to zoning laws, our guest expert, Chris Cali, an attorney specializing in real estate and M&A at Latimer LeVay Fyock in Chicago, talks about all the concerns that come with buying commercial property. Just wait until you hear his story about the salon and spa! It will make you think twice before buying real estate for your company without first talking to an attorney who specializes in real estate. 


The Complete Guide to Selling a Business

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