Exit Strategy

Are you thinking of selling your business but not quite ready? If so, read on.

The exit strategy, which contains more than 30 pages, is a personalized foolproof game plan to help you plan the sale of your business. It includes a written report, as well as an in-depth consultation and review of your business. You can choose to implement the plan several years in advance or, if you are presently in the process of selling your business, you can use it right away. This strategy is an affordable alternative to expensive consultants and brokers. It contains tried and tested, step-by-step instructions on a range of topics to consider when planning the sale of a business. The process helps you discover the important pre-sale steps you should take to guarantee a successful sale. Personalized advice is given on a variety of important factors, from pricing your business to preparing for due diligence.

The process is completely confidential and prepared by our experienced intermediaries with over ten years of experience. You can also expect a fast turn-around time, usually within a week. Today’s market is competitive, so get the competitive edge you need when selling your business.

We designed the Exit Strategy exclusively for business owners who are:

  • Planning an exit plan several years in advance.
  • Considering selling, but would like to review the options and the process before committing.
  • Currently in the process of selling, but would like to be a lot more prepared.

Caution – Did you know that 80% of businesses for sale do not sell, because of inadequate planning? Planning is the proven way to guarantee the successful sale of your business.

Your Exit Strategy:

  • Is an informative report of more than 30 pages containing a wealth of helpful tips.
  • Is 100% personalized for your business, and takes us several hours to prepare after an in-depth review of your business, financial statements, and other key documents.
  • Contains a prioritized checklist of the most important pre-sale steps you should take to sell your business quickly and reliably.
  • Is 100% confidential, because we sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving sensitive information about your business.
  • Is completed done by an expert with over ten years of experience in helping business owners sell more than 100 businesses.
  • Includes rules of thumb and other relevant information for pricing businesses in your industry.
  • Contains a comprehensive document checklist, showing the paperwork a buyer will likely request of you before and during due diligence.
  • Is a fast turnaround in your hands within a week of receiving the information we need.
  • Includes an in-depth consultation with one of our experts.
  • Is a one-time fee void of surprises; there are no ongoing commitments or other unexpected costs.

The Complete Guide to Selling a Business

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