Our Process

Our Process Step 1


Step one consists of two services: an exit strategy and a valuation. The primary purpose of step one is to decide if you would like to sell your business now and if so, what steps are required before you put your business on the market. The exit strategy is a 20-100 page personalized foolproof game plan to help you plan the sale of your business. It includes a written report, as well as an in-depth consultation and review of your business. You can choose to implement the plan several years in advance or, if you are presently in the process of selling your business, you can use it right away. The valuation includes pricing guidelines based on ndustry rules of thumb and comparable industry transactions.  This allows you to see how the critical variables affect the price of your business.

  • Exit Strategy - Includes a written report, analysis, consultation and step by step instructions for planning the sale of your business. 
  • Valuation - Includes a spreadsheet mapping the key variables, normalized financial statements, pricing guidelines, rules of thumb, and a range of values from low to high.

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Our Process Step 2


Once you have decided to sell your business, the next step is to begin preparing it for sale. As a team, we prepare your business for sale before we put the business on the market. This is key –  preparing in advance puts you at an advantage and helps ensure a smooth and timely sale. Step two involves preparing several key documents that will be used to communicate the details of your business to prospective buyers. These documents may include your company’s financial overview, a business summary, a telephone interview and a valuation (optional).

  • Blind Teaser Profile

  • Business Summary

  • Recorded Telephone Interview

  • SBA Loan Pre-Qualification

  • Pre-Sale Financial Assessment

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Our Process Step 3


To obtain the best offers for your business, the logical process is to attractively market the business to those buyers who can give you the most value for the business. We define this target market of buyers and develop and execute a marketing strategy to attract the buyers who are likely to pay the highest price. The goal of this phase is to maximize the value a buyer will pay for the business. By properly preparing and marketing a company for sale to the potential buyers who can realize the most value for your company, we increase the terms and price paid for the business. 

  • Confidential Advertising

  • Pre-Screening

  • Showing

  • Meeting with Buyers

  • Release Additional Documents

  • Preliminary Transaction Structuring

  • Negotiation & Buyer Profile

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Our Process Step 4


Many of our clients come to us looking for a trustworthy advisor to help guide them through the complex process of selling a business. They want good advice without high fees and conflicts of interest.We have designed a revolutionary new process for closing the sale of your business that is simple, transparent and highly effective. We guide you through the entire process for one low, flat fee. Nothing is left to chance. We work with you as a partner throughout the process, handling all the technical details and walking you through the process step by step.

  • Offer

  • Due Diligence

  • Closing

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