Step 3 - Market

Confidential Marketing, Screening & Showing

To obtain the best offers for your business, the logical process is to attractively market the business to those buyers who can give you the most value for the business. We define this target market of buyers and develop and execute a marketing strategy to attract the buyers who are likely to pay the highest price. 

The goal of this phase is to maximize the value a buyer will pay for the business. By properly preparing and marketing a company for sale to the potential buyers who can realize the most value for your company, we increase the terms and price paid for the business. This strategy of identifying, reaching, attracting and screening potential acquirers is key to maximizing the ROI of your transaction. This requires both a strategic and proactive approach.

Step three involves confidentially marketing your business to potential buyers, screening those buyers and showing your business to potential buyers once they have been properly vetted. Releasing information about your business is a seamless, phased process. Buyers are screened and required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, then the documents prepared in step two are released to pre-screened buyers in phases. This phased process helps ensure the buyer’s qualifications and saves you valuable time.

Your business will be confidentially marketed on 15 to more than 20 business-for-sale websites — the same web portals that full-commission business brokers use. The advertising will target your local market; however, the advertisements are viewable from anywhere within the U.S. We manage the entire process of posting and updating your ads. The list of websites we utilize frequently changes; the following is a current sampling:
3) (Inc. Magazine)
5) (The New York Times)
18) (Los Angeles Times)

The Process

  1. Advertising: We jointly create a marketing and advertising strategy, prepare the ad copies, and confidentially market your business for sale.

  2. Pre-screening: We pre-screen all buyers and require them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Once you approve a screened buyer, you then send a copy of your Business Summary, giving you final control of who sees confidential information on the business. 

  3. Buyer instructions: The Business Summary contains instructions and the buyer pre-screening package for interested buyers to complete before meeting with you.

  4. Meeting with buyers: Buyers contact you if they are interested, and you set up a meeting.

  5. Additional documents after the meeting: Buyers request more information before making an offer. This is a phased process in which information is provided to potential buyers in stages. Documents are released as the buyer provides more information regarding his or her qualifications. 

Buyer pre-screening: We screen all buyers and broker inquiries using our efficient electronic process, requiring all buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Our streamlined system shortens the time when a buyer receives information by 80% versus the time other brokers take. Once a potential buyer has signed an NDA, you simply email the Business Summary. We screen buyers on two critical criteria – amount of liquid cash available and net worth. Unqualified buyers are not shown any information on your business. This saves you time and preserves confidentiality. 

Phased screening process: We use a phased process that qualifies a buyer through a series of steps. This allows you to better gauge the potential buyer’s interest and qualifications and prevents you from releasing confidential information to someone who is not truly prepared to purchase your business. Information is sent to the buyer in stages — at each stage, documents are released as the buyer provides more qualifications. We screen all prospective buyers, requiring all buyers to sign a detailed, three-page non-disclosure agreement and buyer profile. We screen buyers on several critical criteria, including deal history, acquisition criteria, amount of liquid cash available and net worth. Unqualified buyers are not provided any information on your business. This saves you time and preserves confidentiality. 

More information: Buyers contact you directly if they want more information on your business. If the buyer is interested after reviewing the Business Summary, your next step is to request that the buyer complete the Buyer Package at the end of the Business Summary. This is a component of our phased screening process.

Targeted Marketing: We maintain relationships with strategic acquirers, private equity firms and acquisition financing sources, which provides leverage for you to maximize the value of your company and achieve your strategic objectives. Your business will be confidentially marketed to three primary groups: wealthy individuals, private equity groups and corporate buyers. The marketing will target your local market, as well as domestic and international buyers. We confidentially solicit offers from prospective buyers based on criteria that we establish in our initial planning process.  

Negotiation & Buyer Profile: We require a complete detailed buyer profile for those companies that would represent the most likely fit for your business. We analyze prospective purchasers to assure that your goals are met, including pricing, deal structuring and other intangible aspects on the offers.

Preliminary Transaction Structuring: Our team evaluates and analyzes letters of interest from potential transaction parties for both financial and non-financial aspects.

Your role: This step is smooth and efficient. Once we produce an interested, pre-screened buyer, you simply email the Business Summary to the potential buyer and only meet after he or she has reviewed the summary and completed the Buyer Package, which helps ensure the buyer’s qualifications. This saves you time.

Step 3 Pricing

  • Fees: Our fees for step 3 generally range from $200-500 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel anytime? Yes, you can cancel anytime.

  • Can I put the sale on hold? Yes, you can put the sale on hold at any time. You can restart the process anytime.There may be nominal fees to update your marketing materials if the sale is on hold for an extended period of time.

  • What is the difference between you and a full commission business broker? The primary difference in Step 3 is that we do not physically show your business.