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The most effective experts at selling businesses possess broad-ranging, multidisciplinary knowledge, ranging from real estate, escrow and tax law to marketing, finance and psychology. In the course of a sale, we are equal parts business expert, diplomat and trusted confidant — someone you can rely on to act in your best interests from the first buyer inquiry to the day your deal closes. 

The only thing more misunderstood than our role in the selling process is the full extent of the value we bring. The most effective experts at selling businesses possess broad-ranging, multidisciplinary knowledge, ranging from real estate, escrow and tax law to marketing, finance and psychology. In the course of a sale, we are equal parts business expert, diplomat and trusted confidant — someone you can rely on to act in your best interests from the first buyer inquiry to the day your deal closes. If you have the time and patience and enough experience to weather the rigors of a potentially protracted sale — including valuation, due diligence and one-on-one negotiations — it is possible to sell your business without an M&A advisor. The advantage, of course, is that at the end, there is no fee to pay. For the vast majority of owners, however, retaining an experienced, professional advisor is a wise and prudent decision that can easily cover the cost of that fee many times over. 

ROI & Risk

  • No Contracts: At Morgan & Westfield, you don’t have to sign a long-term agreement. Most brokers require a long-term exclusive contract. That’s not true at Morgan & Westfield. You can sign up today and cancel tomorrow.

  • Cost: We offer significant savings over using a commission-based broker. Save money on broker fees. Most business brokers charge commissions of 10-12%. At Morgan & Westfield, our fees are significantly lower. 

  • Pricing:  Studies show that using a business broker results in a higher price than when owners sell on their own. Most buyers understand that a professional broker is more likely to structure a safe, mutually beneficial transaction.

Time & Focus

  • Simple Process: We have taken a complicated process and made it simple.  A simple process executed well gets results. Because we have perfected the process over time, it is simple, streamlined and easy to execute.

  • Screening and Qualifying: By screening buyers, we can identify and reject curious “tire kickers” and others who lack the intent or resources to successfully conclude the sale. We pre-screen buyers for you and save you time.

  • Focus on Your Business: Running your business is what you do best; selling your business is what we do best. We take care of all the marketing and paperwork, so you can continue to run your business during the selling process. 


  • Bring Your Own Buyers: No contracts are required, so you can bring your own buyers and save on commissions.

  • Confidentiality:  For obvious reasons, customers, employees, suppliers and competitors need not know that a company is for sale. Competent, professional brokers know this and exercise the utmost care in maintaining confidentiality when marketing your business. For the security of your operation, a professional intermediary will never openly publish your company’s name. We make confidentiality our top priority. You have spent years building trust with people in your business, and we respect your hard work. We will work equally as hard to maintain your business’s confidentiality. 

  • Marketing, Advertising, Promotion:  An experienced advisor possesses the marketing skills and knowledge necessary to advertise and promote your business, including managing media planning, search engine optimization and ad writing.    

  • Buyer Database: While we constantly seek out new buyers, we already have a built-in network of potential buyers. Our buyers are diverse, from corporate buyers and investment groups to wealthy individuals. 

  • Access to More Buyers: Professional intermediaries typically have access to large, international buy/sell databases. The owner wishing to sell a business does not — this is a distinct disadvantage. If a prospect loses interest, the seller loses the sale and must start the process anew. Brokers have a steady flow of inquiries and are able to quickly replace unengaged buyers with others who may have a more immediate interest.


  • Extensive Resources: You have access to the same methods used by commission-based brokers, and more, but without the high fees and conflicts of interest.

  • Professional Approach: Our professional approach ensures we’ll handle your sale correctly. Get access to the same resources and methods that brokers use without the high fees and long-term contracts.

  • Buyer Financial Assistance: A seasoned advisor with an established resource network can often direct prospective buyers to financing sources beyond the SBA and second-mortgage money. In certain circumstances, intermediaries can identify financing alternatives to facilitate a sale that otherwise might not take place.


  • Escrow Support: The closing is handled through an escrow procedure. Documents are provided to both parties for review by their prospective attorneys before the closing occurs. The business broker can provide tried-and-true legal documentation that reduces the need for excessive attorney fees.

  • Industry Experience: We have successfully sold hundreds of businesses. We specialize exclusively in selling businesses and have helped sell hundreds of businesses.

  • Multi-Specialty Coordination:  An experienced advisor knows how to coordinate and control sell-side and buy-side activities with various specialists and advisors, which can save time, reduce risk and facilitate a quicker close.  

  • We Don't Assign Junior Members: We put our experts on every deal. Our specialists understand the markets they focus on, and they bring that experience to your business.  


  • Team: We have a large support staff, including an in-house attorney, CPA and business appraiser.

  • Valuation Knowledge: Brokers have the valuation knowledge and experience necessary to maximize the value of your business, including recasting financials. They will prepare a detailed report that includes several valuation methods and will provide a range of legitimately defensible values that often results in a higher selling price. 

Reduce Risk

  • Foresee Potential Roadblocks: We’ve been in this business for years. We understand the market, and we understand the process of selling a business. Therefore, we can help you avoid any potential roadblocks to selling your business.

  • Risk Avoidance: Though you alone are liable for the accuracy and veracity of the information that you provide, the broker’s knowledge of how your business is “packaged” for sale may help you and your attorney avoid or settle unexpected disputes.     


  • Unemotional Buffer:  As a competent, committed intermediary, we will maintain an objective, unemotional position that creates a buffer between you and the buyer. This objectivity enables us to more accurately interpret buyers’ motivations and behaviors and to adjust tactics to maximize them to your benefit.

  • Negotiating: We make sure you receive the highest possible price for your business, and we will mediate and prepare the purchase agreement for you. 

  • Selling Memorandum: Your broker will prepare a detailed selling memorandum for each company they put on the market. They know exactly what buyers want to know and how to organize that information in a clear, compelling format to attract interest and inspire action.

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