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This Will Make You Sell Your Business in Tough Times

When Jeremy Wells decided to put his business on the market, he was facing a lot of challenges. “It was a difficult year for me,” Jeremy recalled.

The business was slower than in the previous years. Jeremy was dealing with health issues with some family members. He was selling his business while managing other companies that he owned. He was running the business that was for sale while meeting with prospective buyers. “It's very challenging to try to begin the process of selling the company when you're right in the middle of running your company ... It's a bit like trying to design a new part of your ship while you're sailing,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy could have waited a year or more for the situation to get better...Read the Full Story

You Need Persistence in Selling Your Business

Originally purchased 32 years ago, Dan and Ginger Ness’s business is the fourth oldest Miracle Method franchise across the country. It is also one of the most profitable, being among the top 5 Miracle Method franchises in terms of production level and earning an estimated $1 million or more annually in the past several years.

For the first few years, Dan was hands-on and performed a lot of the work himself. “I did all the labor. In the beginning, I was the only technician until we hired our first technician. It was all up to me. I learned how to do everything and never stopped,” Dan recounted.

Despite having a successful million-dollar business, the Nesses decided to sell their company when Dan developed health...Read the Full Story

Preparation: Key to Selling Your Business Fast

Oftentimes when selling a business, not everything will go exactly as the seller planned. A lot can go wrong along the way and many factors can stall the sale process.

However, that is not the case when Dr. Harry Freedman decided to sell his quick oil change franchise . From the minute he contacted Morgan & Westfield until a deal was finally closed, everything was smooth sailing.

“I thought it went fairly smooth. If it wasn't for Morgan & Westfield, trying to deal with lawyers and business transfers can be quite costly, quite time-consuming,” Harry explained when asked if he encountered any unexpected bumps on the road during the sale process.

Aside from Morgan & Westfield’s...Read the Full Story

Why Selling a Business Is More Than Just Finding a Buyer

Selling a business is not just about finding a buyer and closing a deal. It’s about finding the right person to carry on the previous owner’s legacy. This was the goal of Ed and Mary Antonowicz when they sold their successful home care business in 2015. They didn’t want to just hand the company to any buyer that came along.

“When you’re an owner of a business—this is your baby. This is your child. It’s living and breathing 24/7,” said Ed as he explained why finding the right individual who had the “tool set, emotional set and commitment” to continue what they had started was important.

How Ed and Mary build their legacy as business owners

In 2003, Ed and Mary bought a ComForCare franchise in Scottsdale, Arizona. ComForCare is one of the leading home care franchise...Read the Full Story

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