Thomas M. Matesic, is a licensed Business/Real Estate Broker with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is the Director of Morgan and Westfield’s Middle Market division, which specializes in the merger, sale, and valuation of companies with transaction values up to $35,000,000. Thomas has founded seven companies in the United States, two companies internationally, and has acquired an additional three, owning a total of twelve companies in the last 30 years. He successfully operated and sold all twelve companies. Tom has a reputation as a turnaround specialist as all the acquisitions were in need of restructuring and new management.

Thomas is an international entrepreneur with extensive business development, marketing, and management experience. He began his career in the automotive business and was appointed the youngest Datsun dealer in the United States at the age 27. This business propelled him on the road of acquiring a diverse background spanning over 30 years of experience in the areas of real estate development,  automotive, publishing, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, and the petroleum business. In all transactions he has a proven record as a businessman with extensive knowledge in general entrepreneurship.

Thomas’s goal is to provide the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality, while minimizing the time and stress typically experienced in negotiating the transfer of ownership of privately held companies. His background as both an entrepreneur and operator gives him valuable insight into the inner workings of small business. His focus is mid-market transactions in various industries, specializing in niche luxury retail, automotive, publishing, manufacturing, intellectual property, and import/export.

Thomas has developed many business models in a variety of businesses as he has operated many companies with the title of President/CEO. Most of the companies he owned and operated had little in common regarding product or services. He has extensive knowledge in the automotive field including brokering dealership transfers and assisting current owners with business enhancement consulting. Thomas has owned a total of 14 different automobile franchises spanning over 20 years as a new car dealer principal.

In addition to the automotive business, Thomas has owned companies in the fields of insurance, publishing, oil, and real estate development. He has international business experience as a result of founding companies outside the United States.

Thomas has a background involving business development and start-up operations with a specialty in marketing and sales. The skills he gained throughout his extensive career were gained in a hands on manner and has enabled him to provide insight into each transaction that would be missed by most professionals who had not been involved as an owner, seller or transferee.


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