Contributing to Morgan & Westfield is the perfect way to draw clients to your website. Find readers who are specifically looking for help buying a business, selling a business, and/or starting a franchise . To submit an article, participate in an interview or podcast, or to receive additional information, please send an email to 

Participate in an Interview

interview.JPGAre you a business professional with experience in buying and/or selling businesses? Would you like to contribute content with Morgan & Westfield but do not have the time to write an article or story? Participating in an interview may be perfect for you! We are currently accepting participants to take part in email interviews for a segment on our website featuring professionals in the community with experience in this highly specialized area.

To see the professionals who have already participated in an interview, visit

If you are interested in participating in an interview, we will email you a few of the most popular questions many people ask when buying and/or selling a business. We will publish your answers and explanations to these questions on our website, complete with your bio, a link to your website and your contact information. To participate in an interview, please email:

Participate in a Podcast

podcast.JPGPodcasts are a great way to connect with entrepreneurs who are always on the go! More and more people are downloading podcasts to their mobile devices and tablets so they can listen to valuable content during their commute, while they walk their dog, while they exercise at the gym, and anytime they cannot sit down and read an article. Podcasts also allow you to connect with entrepreneurs in a very genuine way because they can hear your voice and connect with you more than what is possible by just reading words on a screen. The more a reader can connect with you, the more likely they are to contact you when they need help buying or selling their business!

To participate in a podcast or for more information, please contact our host, Jeff Allen, at or 888-693-7834 x-190 to schedule your interview. Jeff Allen’s professional experience stems from over 25 years as an on-air broadcast and video host, director and executive producer of talk radio programming. 

"Jeff is great! He is entertaining and makes his guests feel comfortable. I really enjoyed my experience and plan to participate in another podcast in the near future!" - T. Lute

Contribute an Article

article.JPGThe possibilities are endless when you choose to write an article for Morgan & Westfield. You can write an article that offers advice or tips about buying and selling a business. You can write about researching a business, valuing a company, finding a broker, understanding the market, and so much more. There are no limits. Any article related to our services will be considered for submission.

“Since contributing an article with Morgan & Westfield I have noticed an increase in traffic to my website.” - J.San Miguel

Contribute a Story

story.JPGDo you have an interesting story about buying and selling a business? Nothing beats personal experience! Stories are more interesting if they are told in your own voice (first person tense), as opposed to using a "press release" style. It is fine to make yourself part of the story, even in small ways, to connect with readers and draw them in.


Contribute a Comment

comment.JPGThe easiest and fastest way to contribute to Morgan & Westfield is to leave a comment on the site. You can ask questions, make requests, participate in discussions, and share your expertise and interests with the Morgan & Westfield community anywhere you see a comment box. And when you leave a comment, Morgan & Westfield adds the content you commented on to your personal Watch List, which you can access from your profile. Your comment also includes a link to your profile which helps drive even more visitors to your website. Here you can follow activity such as conversations on that content. Constructive feedback and commentary can make any item more valuable. Chime in on the spot to any story, page or other item that has the comment feature enabled.

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