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Today, more than ever, people turn to the internet when they are researching business issues, legal issues, finances, and just about everything else. When you choose to publish content online, you allow yourself, your knowledge and your business to be exposed to millions of people all around the world. However, most people post content through a personal blog or on websites that are not optimized to rank on search engines. This is a highly ineffective way to post content and drive traffic to your website or business because of the large number of blogs that inundate the internet.  A simple Google search for “blogs on businesses” yields four hundred million results.  When you decide to contribute to Morgan & Westfield, you will be publishing work on a website that is organized, well known, and optimized to rank on search engines. You are not just publishing a simple blog post for a few people to see, you are reaching thousands of our clients and all those who use the internet to find information.

Get exposure in a community of like-minded individuals.

Instead of randomly posting on blogs and websites, when you publish with Morgan & Westfield you are reaching your target audience. We have a community of business people that you otherwise would not be able to access. Articles are sent out via email to our database of buyers and sellers of businesses, drawing them to our website and ultimately to your business. We are able to connect you to the people who matter most to your business: clients!

Create more traffic on your website!

By contributing to Morgan & Westfield, you are driving more traffic to your website. Here is how it works: Every article that you publish with Morgan & Westfield will include your bio at the bottom of your article and a link to your website and contact information, allowing readers to learn more about your business and contact you directly. Further, all of your articles will be rotated on our home page, directory, and resource center. This means readers will be able to easily find your articles, information about you, and the link to your website. You can also link to your various social media sites, making it easy to share your articles with all of your followers, readers, and fans

Free marketing for your business!

Marketing and advertising is expensive! At Morgan & Westfield, we do not charge a fee to create your contributor profile or publish your articles. You get more traffic on your website and marketing for your business at no cost!

Showcase your talents and help others!

When you publish with Morgan & Westfield, you are not just bringing potential clients to your business page; you are helping thousands of business owners reach their goals and better understand the art of entrepreneurship.  Your knowledge and expertise will help those looking for answers and will guide business owners in the right direction. 

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