Buy a Business

Whether you are an experienced business owner who has owned multiple businesses or a first-time buyer who is intimidated by the process of buying a business, Morgan & Westfield can make the process of buying a business simple.

At Morgan & Westfield, we are committed to making the process of buying a business as easy as possible.

We can assist you with the following tasks involved in purchasing a business:


  • Selecting the appropriate industry based on prior experience, skill set, financial ability, education, and interests.


  • Valuing your target business internally through Morgan & Westfield.

  • Third-party and independent business valuations.

Deal Structure

  • Negotiating an offer to purchase.

  • Negotiating a lease assignment/sublease, or new lease terms.


  • Arranging financing from direct lenders – both SBA and non-SBA.

  • Creating and identifying alternative financing sources.

  • Structuring seller financing including a promissory note, security agreement, etc.

Deal Structure

  • Creative deal structuring using earn-outs, management agreements, or other creative tools.

  • Due diligence – legal, financial and operational.


  • Negotiating a definitive purchase agreement.

  • Closing the transaction.

  • Dealing with post-closing operational issues.