Mergers & Acquisitions


Morgan & Westfield provides M&A services to corporations in select industries.


As a reliable, professional advisor for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Morgan & Westfield supports the strategies of every entrepreneur who wants to enhance corporate value. We provide M&A services to corporations in select industries.

You only get one chance to sell your business, so make it count. Our M&A advisory expertise has been honed for decades and through hundreds of successful transactions across a broad range of industries. We recognize the array of opportunities and challenges facing business leaders across a broad range of business sectors.

We focus on providing customized solutions and achieving optimal results for clients who develop and deliver services to end-users in various industry verticals. Our M&A professionals deliver unparalleled expertise and positive outcomes for a multitude of businesses across many fields. Our specialty is working with middle-market businesses to achieve their maximum value through a transaction.

Morgan & Westfield collaborates as one team to advise and advocate for our clients and guide them through critical milestones during the daily operation of their businesses to strategically create value. We have served hundreds of entrepreneurs at various stages of growth, combining our expertise across industries with a process tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We take great pride in establishing long-term relationships with several thousand strategic buyers, financing sources, and industry experts – all of which make it possible for Morgan & Westfield to consistently create a competitive market for our clients’ businesses. The result has been streamlined processes and transaction outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our history of proven results in the M&A market across North America is reflected in these featured industries:

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