Sell a Business - Below $5 Million in Annual Revenue

Many of our clients come to us looking for a trustworthy advisor to help guide them through the complex process of selling a business. They want good advice without high fees or conflicts of interest. 

We have taken a complicated process and made it simpler. Morgan & Westfield uses a proven process to sell your business. We do all of this at a low cost and without requiring a long-term contract. 

We have developed a streamlined process for selling a business that is simple, transparent and highly effective. We have successfully sold hundreds of businesses over the years and will guide you through the entire process for one low, flat fee, which includes preparing your company for sale, marketing, advertising, screening buyers, preparing an offer, managing the due diligence process, and successfully handling the closing. Nothing is left to chance. We work with you as a team throughout the process, handling all of the technical details and walking you through the process step by step, while you do the basics — talking to buyers.

We can help you with tasks such as putting together a package to present your business to buyers, advertising your business for sale, screening buyers, preparing an offer on your business, managing the due diligence process, and closing the transaction. Our proprietary process allows you to save a significant amount off standard brokerage fees.
Whereas most brokers work on a commission basis, we eliminate this bias by working similar to other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants. This allows us to provide significant savings over using a commission-based broker, even for the smallest businesses. Commission-based brokers have a natural conflict of interest. Because our entire fee is not commission-based, unlike that of other brokers, our advice is unbiased.
Unlike most brokers, we do not require a one-year, exclusive contract. Instead, we take a team-based approach in helping you. Through our network, we are able to leverage buyer databases, industry-specific knowledge and the administrative support of our system. We are unique in our capacity to bring extensive financial, legal, managerial and entrepreneurial experience to the table. Our team members have completed hundreds of transactions on behalf of our clients.

Because we have a professional team completely devoted to selling your business, we can provide an extensive amount of resources than most others. In addition, you get the benefit of the same processes and resources that the best brokers in the country use, plus our dedicated team of expert advisors, but without the high fees and long-term contracts.

Morgan & Westfield’s multidisciplinary approach allows us to engage financial, legal and regulatory specialists from appropriate industries and geographic locations to suit the client’s needs, all while maintaining strict professional confidentiality throughout each deal.

The major advantage of working with Morgan & Westfield is that we modify our approach to suit your needs. Different strategies are needed to sell a restaurant with $500,000 in annual sales vs. a manufacturing company with $10 million in annual sales. We customize the process based on the size, industry and type of your business. Each project is unique and thus personalized to suit the needs of you and your business.
We also understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality, so information about your business is shared with potential buyers in stages, only as their level of interest heightens. We do not disclose confidential information without a signed confidentiality agreement, and only work toward full disclosure with either an offer to purchase or a letter of intent.

Morgan & Westfield is about relationships. We want to be your advisor through the entire sales process. I have been helping people sell businesses for more than 15 years and providing advice to my clients in hundreds of industries. I can confidently say there is no better way to sell a business than through Morgan & Westfield.

Any size of business, one-size fee. It’s that simple.
Jacob Orosz, Founder

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