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Are you a good candidate for franchise ownership?

Are you a good candidate for franchise ownership?

Ron Bender


What makes a good candidate for a franchise? Do you think you have what it takes? And if you’re already the owner of a business franchise are you as successful as you’d like to be? What’s holding you back? Today’s guest will definitely shed some light on some of these questions with answers that come from a lot of experience in the franchise space. He’s Ron Bender, chief franchise executive at Future Focus Franchise Advisors and director of franchise development at Big Frog Franchise Group.

Guest Profile

Ron Bender is an experienced Franchise Professional, dedicated to improving people’s lives through franchise ownership with transparency and positivity in all aspects. He believes that a strong social media presence, internal and external team building and mentoring, and dynamic presentations help achieve top results, and he has a hard-won reputation for providing a SURPRISING candidate experience, making people ‘fans’ rather than just ‘satisfied’!

Ron have terrific relationship-building skills and an uncanny ability to facilitate communication between different people and groups; to help them see, understand and appreciate each other’s situation and viewpoint and work together toward mutually beneficial solutions. He tries to promote mutual trust and respect by truly listening to people and by seeing their perspective to find common ground.

He loves to learn from and to mentor his Franchise Family, new and old, and he was recognized with Franchise Update STAR Awards in 2017 and 2018!


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