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Avoid Deal-Killing Legal Mistakes

Avoid Deal-Killing Legal Mistakes

Jamie Sasson

Attorney, Managing Partner

Even in the best of times, running your business can be a challenge. With so many things to remember, it’s easy to forget certain responsibilities that could end up costing you a lot of money when you sell your company. And if a prospective buyer takes you to court over issues you fail to disclose or inconsistencies in your financials, the results could be catastrophic and even prevent any chance of selling your business in the future. Find out about the most common legal mistakes that business owners make and how you can avoid them as we welcome business attorney and managing partner of The Ticktin Law Group Mr. Jamie Sasson on this edition of “Deal Talk.”

Guest Profile

Jamie Alan Sasson is a Florida licensed Attorney and the Managing Partner for The Ticktin Law Group, P.A.

The Ticktin Law Group has 27 attorneys in offices throughout the State of Florida.

Jamie’s practice area involves civil and commercial litigation. Jamie also represents businesses in handling all of their legal needs.

Moreover, Jamie is experienced in family law, probate law, wills trusts and estates, real estate law, foreclosure defense, and personal injury law, among other areas of law.

Prior to joining The Ticktin Law Group, P.A Jamie worked at a law firm handling real estate closings, litigation, as well as buyer and seller representation.

Jamie is a member of the Florida Bar, the Federal Bar for the Southern District of Florida, Middle District of Florida, and the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Jamie has been a guest host on several radio programs, and has been featured in the local news regarding several of his higher profile cases, as well as commenting on the law in the State of Florida.


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A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

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