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Choosing Construction Contractors Wisely for Savings and Safety Now and Later

Choosing Construction Contractors Wisely for Savings and Safety Now and Later

Marina Manoukin

Senior Counsel

Choosing the right contractor for improvements, expansion or installation projects requires careful consideration. Unfortunately, many small business owners tend to give priority to the lowest bids, often putting quality and — most importantly — health and safety at risk, the consequences of which can be costly indeed in terms of time, money and legal penalties. Our guest on this edition of “Deal Talk” is Marina Manoukian, senior counsel at ADLI Law Group. Ms. Manoukian will share her experience of working with business owners to properly vet contractors for experience, licensing, safety protocols, quality assurance as well as their relationships with subcontractors, who often perform most of the work.

Guest Profile

With over 19 years of experience in the legal profession, Mrs. Manoukian utilizes her trial experience and negotiation skills to advise and counsel clients including individuals and corporations in Business matters including transactional work as well as litigation and negotiation. She also brings her extensive experience in Construction and Family Law.

Prior to joining ADLI Law Group P.C., Mrs. Manoukian was a Partner at O’Rourke, Fong & Manoukian. During such time, she was first chair in many bench and jury trials, as well as arbitrations and mediations.

Mrs. Manoukian graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and obtained her Juris Doctor degree at Loyola Law School. Mrs. Manoukian is committed to helping clients and providing them efficient and effective courtroom representation to resolve complex construction disputes, real estate and development disputes, and business disputes. In addition to business and construction law, Mrs. Manoukian practices family law that she built before her partnership at O’Rourke & Fong. Fluent in Armenian and English, Marina assists individuals seeking a divorce, assists clients in reaching agreement or going to court for marriage dissolution, division of marital assets, child custody, and child and spousal support.


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