Discovering Fraud in Your Company and How to Stop the Bleeding


About the Episode

Billions of dollars are lost by companies every year as a result of fraud, and while fraud takes many forms, it often goes undetected until it is too late (when the dollars lost cannot be recovered). For some businesses, fraud can even pose a risk to their solvency and ongoing existence. Business owners can stop fraud in its early stages or even prevent it from occurring with the help of our special guest and fellow business owner Bob Bates, CFO and certified forensic accountant at HP Accounting Services. Mr. Bates shares a real-world case study as well as some tips to help you know where to look for fraud in your business and how to stop it.

Meet Our Guest

Bob Bates

Bob Bates

CPA/CFE/CVA at HP Accounting Svcs Inc

Bob Bates is a CPA, CVA and CFE with nearly 20 years of accounting experience as a Controller and CFO in various industries. He has been in several industries, including telecom, media, retail and financial services in addition to having consulting experience at startups in the software, technology and life sciences fields. He has run his own businesses, a publishing entity and a public accounting firm, in addition to working at KPMG. Bob was in a couple of pre-IPO situations and has worked in a growing public company also. In addition to strategic planning, budgeting and many typical CFO functions, he specializes in International accounting, software issues and obtaining financing.

Location Location: San Francisco Bay

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