Dos and Don’ts When Buying and Selling a Business

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This edition of “Deal Talk” features a wide-ranging discussion to help you understand some of the things you should and maybe should not do when you are preparing to sell your company. Is it a good idea to have a business appraiser you know personally appraise your business? Should you help to finance the buyer of your business? Is it a good idea to focus on pumping up revenue prior to selling? For answers to these and other questions, we turn to Walter Zweifler, CEO of Zweifler Financial Research. Mr. Zweifler is a highly sought-after professional in the field with over 40 years of business valuation experience and clients across the country.

Meet Our Guest

Walter L. Zweifler

Walter L. Zweifler

President of Zweifler Financial Research

Walter L. Zweifler is the Senior Financial Appraiser and Chief Executive Officer of Zweifler Financial Research. He has been active in the appraisal profession since 1976. In 1980 he earned the designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser in the American Society. In 1982 he organized Zweifler Financial Research, a division of Zweifler Appraisal Service, incorporated. Previously, Mr. Zweifler was a Financial Analyst with W. E. Hutton & Co., Bache & Co., Muller & Co., Piper Jaffrey & Hopwood, Applied Portfolio Strategy and the Amivest Corporation . Mr. Zweifler*’s testimony has been accepted in Tax and Federal Courts as an expert witness for the Internal Revenue Service and for a broad array of tax payers.

Mr. Zweifler holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics (1958) from the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) with a specialization in finance.

Zweifler Financial Research provides and supervises a staff of real estate, machinery/equipment and fine arts appraisers when multi-appraisal analysis is required. All of these professionals are seasoned practitioners with senior designations granted by the American Society of Appraisers and similar designation appraisal societies.

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