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How small businesses can save money by outsourcing their IT

How small businesses can save money by outsourcing their IT

Roman Surikov

CEO of Ronas IT

It wasn’t long ago that the primary technical concern of most businesses was making sure that their telecom systems were up and running. It’s not even often that we here hear that word telecom anymore. It seems impossible to believe but true that now here in the 21st century we’re talking about other things, and really what we’re talking about today is IT, right? It used to be when your phone system was down of course, your phones went down, your fax machines went down, it often brought business to a screeching halt. Today, everyone being more concerned with their IT systems because if something goes wrong in your network or online, whether the program is local or at the corporate server they it can drastically impact your company’s productivity. We’ve all been there and done that and seen results of that happening, so what do you do? Do you hire your own permanent IT person or do you work with someone outside your company to help you?

Our guest expert today has some important points you may find useful both now and in the future. His name is Roman Surikov and he’s the CEO of Ronas IT in Omsk, Russia.

Guest Profile

Roman Surikov project manager and technical consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the IT field.

He started his career as a developer, but at some point had an opportunity to work as a system administrator, a project and product manager, and a UX consultant. It allows him to look at the project from different angles and understand common problems inside and out. His unique experience includes working with startups on pre-seed and seed funding stages.

What he does:

– Help to avoid making popular mistakes that 99 percent of all startups make and that become the common causes of failure
– Define an MVP and help to develop it – remove all the unnecessary, leave only a catchy idea, wrap it up and make a high-quality presentation for the investors
– Create technical documentation/detailed project specification
– Advise on appropriate technologies, suggest ready-made solutions / Help choosing the most technologically advanced and cost-effective options
– Сonduct an audit of what you already have (architecture, code, solutions used, etc.)
– Help established businesses to bridge a digital gap by automating their main working processes

Since 2007, Roman is the Founder & CEO at Ronas IT – a full-cycle development company.


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