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Is Your Company Financially Fit?

Is Your Company Financially Fit?

Gabrielle Louma

CPA, Owner

Health and fitness is just as important to our businesses as it is to our bodies, so why do so many business owners overestimate the financial health of their organizations? Is it possible that the numbers in your ledger may be hiding fiscal concerns that, if not addressed, could have a long-term negative impact on your company’s value? It may be time for a comprehensive assessment of your financials, but how do you start the process, and what should you look for? Gabrielle Luoma, Chartered Global Management Accountant, CPA and owner of the firm GMLCPA LLC in Tucson, Arizona, will let us know.

Guest Profile

She is the owner and visionary of GMLCPA firm. She spends most of her time on the more complex parts in the accounting and tax areas for small businesses. She is also a leader in the industry for NextGen CPA Firms.

In between everything that she does have a wonderful family. They spend lots of weekends at cheer competitions and catching up from the week. Life is full at the Luoma Residence.

Address: Tucson, Arizona

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