Keeping Your Emotions in Check When Selling Your Business

About the Episode

Ed and Sonia Ketchoyian, former owners of a PuroClean franchise in Sterling, Virginia, were prepared in selling their business in terms of the financial aspect and the negotiation. However, Ed realized that they were initially not ready to face the emotional aspects that came with the process of selling their company.

Find out on this episode of Deal Talk how Ed and Sonia had overcome the emotional challenges they encountered to eventually sell their company at the price they had always wanted. Ed Ketchoyian shares some enlightening insights and invaluable tips to help you deal with ‘unexpected,’ emotional instances that you need to manage as you go through the process of selling your business.

Meet Our Guest

Ed Ketchoyian

Ed Ketchoyian

Project Manager at ServiceMaster DSI / SRM

Ed Ketchoyian is a former owner of PuroClean Emergency Restoration Services in Sterling, Virginia. Ed successfully sold his PuroClean franchise after 8.5 years of co-owning the business with his wife, Sonia Kechoyian.

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