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Lessening the Tax Burden when Selling a Business

Lessening the Tax Burden when Selling a Business

Cal Garvin

Wealth Manager - Tax Strategies, Education Advancement

Capital gains tax is a fact of life. Depending on the structure of the deal and the amount of proceeds you receive from the sale of your business, the capital gains tax you pay could be substantial. The question is: how can you reduce the tax burden so you can have more of the proceeds available to sustain the lifestyle you want to enjoy? Cal Garvin of Garvin Associates brings over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry to discuss the options that are available to business owners today, including one option specifically intended for retiring baby boomers who are exiting the business world with no intention of returning.

Guest Profile

Cal Garvin had been in the Financial Services business for well over 35 years. He help Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents address the big wave of Baby Boomers who are business owners or investment real estate owners that are starting to think about retirement.

Through personal experience, and him being on the leading edge of the Baby Boomers, Cal found himself with the same frustration of probably having a life time job with he business. And he was in the financial services business! Cal couldn’t sell and maintain his standard of living because of the taxes he would have to pay. A friend of him put me onto this New Tax Strategy, it was a dream come true.

After selling Cal’s business, he’s ready to start showing others how to do this. He can show Real Estate Brokers and Business Brokers the answer/solution to this dilemma. And do it in a very profitable manner for them and their clients. Baby Boomers are going to realize that they don’t have a lifetime job after all.

Through the Estate Planning Team using the Deferred Sales Trust™ , Cal can show people and organizations how he sold his business and deferred the taxes on the Capital Gains. Cal can now live off the income from the proceeds of the total sales price.

Address: Utah Area


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A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

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