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Revenue Gains from Operational Improvements

Revenue Gains from Operational Improvements

Tim Van Mieghem

Co-founder of The ProAction Group, Acme Finishing Company LLC, The Peakstone Group

Businesses that are the targets of private equity investors won’t command the value they deserve because of lost revenue opportunities. Often times, lost revenue is due to inefficiencies in a business’ operations. Our guest on this edition of “Deal Talk” makes it his mission to help business owners uncover operational inefficiencies in order to increase productivity, resulting in substantial revenue growth and greater EBITDA. Tim Van Mieghem is a partner at The ProAction Group, which works with private equity firms to perform buy-side operations, due diligence, and post-close assistance to help business owners maintain operational excellence.

Guest Profile

Tim Van Mieghem, a co-founder of The ProAction Group, implements projects and delivers services that result in improved clients’ operations. Tim specializes in achieving the dual goals of obtaining specific results, whether reducing costs or enhancing services, and training the client to continue the process.

Tim serves on the boards of Corporate Technology Solutions, Automated Business Machines, DeWayne’s Quality Metal Coatings, ACME Metal Finishing and ProCare Emergency Medical Services.

Tim has a BS in Accounting from Marquette University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Prior to forming The ProAction Group, Tim worked in operational consulting at Arthur Andersen and a boutique supply chain consulting firm.

Tim has designed and implemented innovative ways for clients to manage the costs, benefits, and risks of purchased goods and services, logistics, and inventory management and control. These projects include helping clients develop international sourcing organizations and strategies; design distribution networks; negotiate long term alliances with suppliers, carriers, and customers; reengineer logistics and order flow processes; and implement quality and lean manufacturing systems.

Tim is active in promoting supply chain management techniques. His book, Implementing Supplier Partnerships, from Prentice Hall, is the leading text on creating and maintaining world-class supplier agreements.


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