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Selling Your Business – Are You Really Ready?

Selling Your Business – Are You Really Ready?

Lance Metcalf

M&A Expert and Real Estate Attorney

In this podcast, we talked to Lance Metcalf, business transactions M&A expert and real estate attorney in South Lake, Texas. He owns his own firm, Metcalf Law Firm. As a former practicing CPA who still holds a CPA designation, he’s seen business sales from both the CPA/client and attorney/client points of view.

Guest Profile

Lance Metcalf is a licensed business and real estate attorney and CPA practicing in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas, but representing clients across Texas. He represents and assists various groups of people, including healthcare professionals, form their business entities, reviewing and preparing business contracts, reviewing and preparing real estate documents (such as leases, purchase contracts, deeds, etc.), and buying or selling their businesses. he uses his 20+ years of legal experience and 10+ years of experience as a tax CPA to provide first class service for his business clients.


  • Corporate Transactions
  • Real Estate
  • Contracts
  • Entity Formation
  • M&A




The Art of Selling a Business With $10 Million to $100 Million in Revenue

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