What’s Life Like After You Sell Your Company?

About the Episode

A large portion of baby boomers are business owners because the scarcity of jobs when they entered the workforce drove them to create their own jobs and become entrepreneurs. As many of these baby boomers are retiring and exiting their company, the need for information about selling businesses, particularly in planning and preparing for the sale, is becoming increasingly prevalent.

John Dini is an exit strategy coach and president of MPN Inc, which aims to help business owners, mostly baby boomeres, in transitioning from their business. In his conversation with Deal Talk host Jeff Allen, John discusses why it is important for business owners to have a plan first before putting their business up for sale. Aside from talking about the questions that need to be addressed before the sale, he also provides tips to help business owners prepare for the transition from business ownership.

Meet Our Guest

John F Dini

John F Dini

Founder & CEO of The ExitMap

John Dini is a speaker, exit strategy coach, and president of MPN Inc., a company that specializes in helping Baby Boomers transition out of their business and planning their lives after they have left or sold their company. He is also the founder and designer of The ExitMap, a tool that aids professional advisors in having conversations with business owners regarding exit planning. Among his several roles, he is also an author who penned the multi-awarded book “Hunting in a Farmer’s World” and has a weekly column about business ownership.

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