The detailed buyer's financial statement is typically used later in the process, such as when a buyer is presenting an offer, or during due diligence.

The Buyer's Financial Statement can be used when initially inquiring about a business. It can also be given by the seller to buyers to initially screen the buyer.

The Buyer Profile is a useful tool to use when inquiring about a business. Simply provide the profile to sellers to express that you are a qualified and motivated buyer.
Download our short guide on the various methods of valuing a business.

When selling your business, it is necessary to “normalize” or “recast” your financial statements to maximize the income of your business. Most business owners deduct numerous personal expenses through their business that ultimately lower their net income. By clearly identifying those additional...

This short guide assists with the filing of IRS #8594, Allocation of Purchase Price, which must be filed at the end of the tax year when buying or selling a business. The form is only required when purchasing assets of a business. It is not required if the sale was structured as a stock sale.
Use this short form to make an offer on a small business.
Use this agreement if a business broker has approached you and would like to present your business to one of his buyers.
You should prepare a list of your furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) early in the sale process. This is also required when structuring the sale as an asset sale, and this document should be attached to the Bill of Sale...
This form is required when structuring the sale as an asset sale.