Assessment Phone Call

Outline of the Call

Each assessment call may differ depending on your type of business and specific needs. We provide ample time for you to discuss any of the topics or ask questions during the call. Here are the general topics we usually cover:


We discuss your questionnaire to clarify or elaborate on any answers you have provided.

  • In this part of the call, we review your information to ensure we have a complete understanding of the major issues we must address.
  • This portion of the call may seem disjointed as we jump around from issue to issue. This is normal as we quickly sort through your business’s issues until we develop an individualized understanding of them.
  • As we jump around, we will note any key issues to discuss and orchestrate into a cohesive plan during the high-level review.


  • We discuss any questions we have regarding the adjustments you have provided to your financial statements. Our purpose is to ensure the adjustments are accurate; if they’re not, we cannot accurately value your business.
  • We also discuss any additional questions we have regarding your financial statements.


  • We can only complete a valuation of your business after we adjust or normalize your financial statements. We finalized the adjustments with you during our assessment phone call. Once we finalize your adjustments, we show you the live version of your valuation during the call.
  • We discuss the spreadsheet, the multiples, and the factors that can affect the value of your company. The purpose of this discussion is to ask follow-up questions so we can put the finishing touches on your valuation and finalize your adjustments. Our goal is not just to come up with a number. We want to provide you with a complete understanding of the factors that go into your valuation so that you understand why your business is worth what it is and what you can do to increase its value.

High-Level Review

Once we’re done with the questionnaire — clarifying any questions we have or asking you to elaborate on any of your answers — we circle back to tie the major issues together at a high level.

  • This portion of the call involves a lot of back and forth between you and us — we may propose multiple strategies, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each until we agree to one.
  • This part of the call is a process in motion — we create our strategy as we talk. Your input is invaluable during this stage of the process.
  • Strategies and recommendations will depend on the business. They may be simple and clear, or there may be several strategies available. In some cases, the strategy can be implemented immediately. In others, the strategy may take months or years to implement.


  • Although not required, it would be ideal for you to have access to your computer and your accounting system.
  • We cannot accurately place a value on your business without a complete and accurate list of adjustments. For more information, please see “Adjusting Financials.”

Recording Calls

Morgan & Westfield will record your assessment call, but only with your explicit permission.

We record the call for two purposes:

  • Having a recording allows us all to give our full attention to the conversation without having to take notes. We email a recording of the call to you afterward upon request, so you can focus on our discussion and not have to worry about taking notes if you don’t want to.
  • We also share information from the recording with our team of writers in order to prepare the confidential information memorandum (CIM) and Teaser Profile for your company.

All calls are strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third party. You may request a copy of the recording, but you may not share the recording with third parties without our written consent. Since all oral discussions are intended to be free-flowing and spontaneous, we disclaim any responsibility for the contents of the call. Any advice or recommendations made during a call shall be deemed preliminary and subject to confirmation in writing. Note that the assessment call is the only call that Morgan & Westfield will record, and, again, this is done only after you have given permission before the call.