Step 1 — Overview

The Assessment begins with an in-depth analysis of your business. This includes not only a close review of your financials but also detailed discussions about your personal goals, your expectations for your employees, your wishes for the future of your company, and more.

We know how buyers think, and we help you understand how different groups of buyers will likely view your business. We discuss your objectives, timing, and current market conditions and assess your readiness for a sale.

An objective and thorough evaluation of your business will help you decide if the time is right to sell and highlight ways to maximize value in the sales process. Your Assessment outlines important presale steps you can take to help meet your goals and ensure a successful, profitable sale. It lays out your options and allows you to intelligently plan the next steps to maximize the value of your business.

Step 1 — Services

  • Valuation: An unbiased evaluation of the potential value of your company.

Note that we will finalize your adjustments during our phone call with you. The Valuation is not complete until we discuss and confirm your adjustments. We make these changes with you during the call so you can see how any changes impact your Valuation.

  • Adjusted Financials: Adjusted financial statements designed to calculate your business’s SDE (seller’s discretionary earnings) or EBITDA.
  • Exit Plan: An exit strategy to assess your exit options.
  • Strategy and Fees: Our recommended process and services for selling your company are based on our findings from analyzing your business. Your Strategy and Fees document will be broken into steps and will include our recommended services for each step.
  • Phone Review: An in-depth phone review with us to review and discuss our analysis of your business.

Step 1 — Timeline

  • Submit Information: Submit your information so we can prepare your Assessment documents.
  • Rough Drafts: Receive a draft of your Assessment within ten (10) business days of us receiving your information. This timeframe can be expedited to three (3) business days for an additional fee of $300.
  • Phone Review: Once you have reviewed the drafts, schedule an in-depth telephone review with us to discuss your exit strategy, valuation, and adjusted financial statements.


  • Sell Now: After you receive and review your Assessment, you can choose to begin the sale process immediately. Receive a 100% credit of the cost of Step 1 toward Step 2 if you move forward with us within 30 days of completion of the Assessment package.

    Sell Later: Implement changes and improvements to your business on your own schedule, and we will be ready when you are. We are always happy to work with you to prepare, market, and close on the sale of your business — even if you are not ready to start Step 2 within 30 days of your Assessment.

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