Strategy & Fees

We will also layout our recommended process and services for selling your company based on our findings from analyzing your business. Our recommendations are based on who the likely buyer of your business will be, the potential value of your company, and the strategies most suitable for your industry, and the size of your business.

Your Strategy and Fees document will be broken into steps and will include our recommended services and fees for each step. A guideline of our fees can be found here.

Your recommended strategy can include the following services:

Step 2 – Prepare

  • CIM
  • Teaser Profile
  • Seller Interview
  • Financing Pre-Qualification
  • Financial Assessment

Preparation packages begin at $950+ for small businesses and $3,000+ for mid-sized businesses. Clients who complete our Assessment and sign up for Step 2 within 30 days receive a credit of 100% of the Step 1 fee toward Step 2.

Step 3 – Market

  • Marketing on Web Portals
  • Targeted Marketing

Marketing Packages begin at $250+ per month for small businesses and $500 to $1,000+ per month for mid-sized businesses and are tailored to your business’s size and needs. Marketing efforts can be updated, revised, or added to at any time.

Step 4 – Close

Morgan & Westfield manages your closing for a one-time, commission-based “success fee,” which varies based on the size of your business and our selling strategy.