Ad Portals

Viewing Your Ads

The ads take two to three days to go live after we submit them, so please wait at least three days after that before you search for them online. You will receive an email notification once your ads are live on the web portals.

Use the search criteria below to locate your ads.

  • Location: Search using the state and county where your business is advertised.
  • City: Search for businesses in the city in which your ads were placed.
  • Asking Price: Search within a narrow price range. For example, if your price is $2,500,000, search between $2,400,000 and $2,600,000. Buyers do not search using these methods, but this helps you find your ads faster so you can view them.

We do not recommend searching using your ad title. Buyers typically browse for businesses, and since some of the top portals have over 50,000 businesses for sale, it can be tricky locating your ad by searching for the title.

Standardization: We do our best to standardize the listing process. However, some of the sites modify ads after they are posted, and this is not under our control. For example, they may modify an ad title or remove hyperlinks from the ad copy.

Images: We include a generic image in your ads to maintain confidentiality since this image is viewable to all buyers on the web.

Portals: Your business will be posted on the following portals: | | | | | | | |

Your business is also indirectly marketed using the following partner sites. Traffic on these sites is redirected to the main portals listed above: (New York Times) | (The Business Journals) | (Los Angeles Times) | (Manta) | (Wall Street Journal) | (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

Middle-market businesses may also be advertised on additional specialty portals.

Updating Your Ads

It is often necessary to adjust the marketing approach and ad campaign before finding the right buyer. A fresh ad and revised marketing tactics often lead to more successful results for the following reasons:

  • Reposting the ad with a new ad title and image makes the listing appear new and pushes it to the top of the results. This leads to responses from people with whom we have not yet connected.
  • Repositioning the ad under new categories may also expose the business listing to a new subset of buyers who have not seen the business.
  • Removing the original ad and posting a new one will push it to the top of the list again.

If You Have a Buyer: We strongly suggest continuing the advertising until you have a non-refundable deposit and a mutually signed definitive purchase agreement or if you have agreed to an exclusivity period with the buyer.

If You are Receiving a Poor Response: If you believe your ads are not receiving enough activity, we suggest updating them. We can go back to the drawing board and create new ad copy. Rewriting the ads and reposting them pushes the ads back to the top of the search results again. We often have to revise a strategy a few times before successfully selling a business.

Process for Updating Your Ads

Please email us at [email protected] to update your ads or if you would like to set up a call to discuss your advertising strategy. There are many factors to consider and discuss when updating your ads. We often receive simple questions from sellers by email regarding their ads. These simple questions, however, often require a detailed response with multiple options — there are many variables that are taken into consideration. Rather than trying to answer additional questions with numerous emails, it is more effective to discuss your ad changes by phone. A simple price change, however, can still be handled by email.

  • There is a $100 fee to make changes to your ads. Once we receive your requested changes, our back-end team updates the information on all web portals. This must be done manually, as these are third-party sites. Once the ads are changed, we will send you an email confirmation.
  • Why is there a fee for updating ads? The ads must be manually updated on multiple websites. There is no software or any other program for doing this. These are third-party portals, and we must manually log into each website to make the changes. Each website has a different user interface, and changing the ads takes approximately one to two hours, depending on the changes that are made. You can submit as many changes as you like and pay only one fee, but note that all changes must be submitted at one time. Once the ads are updated, changing them again requires a new fee.
  • Once we receive the changes, they will be completed within 72 business hours. Please note that the changes sometimes take longer to go public on the web portals. We have no control over that portion of the process.


  • If you decide to remove your ads, you can do so at any time. You can also restart the ads at any time, but there is a $100 re-posting fee.

  • Contact us if you feel the marketing for your business is not effective, and we will revamp your marketing strategy. This happens from time to time, and we occasionally need to revamp the strategy several times before we create a successful approach.

  • We respond to all buyer inquiries by phone and email. We send interested buyers an email with a link to electronically sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for your business if they are interested.

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