Step 3 — Overview

A successful marketing strategy attracts relevant buyers who may be willing to pay more for your business. We develop and execute a strategic marketing campaign for your business focused on targeting the “right” group of buyers, including wealthy individuals, strategic acquirers, and financial buyers. We then screen potential buyers in stages, releasing your confidential information in phases as the sale and negotiations progress.

This phased release of information helps maintain confidentiality to the maximum degree and helps ensure we are negotiating with earnest buyers. Those who move on execute a confidentiality agreement and are provided access to your confidential information memorandum (CIM), Seller Interview, and normalized financials.

Step 3 Services

  • Portals: Our team of experts will create your strategic marketing plan, launch it, and confidentially execute it across multiple online channels. Our strategic online campaigns target individuals, private equity groups, and corporate buyers at the local, national, and international levels. Our ultimate goal is to find the best buyer for your business and then negotiate the price and terms you want. A comprehensive, proactive marketing strategy identifies the buyers most likely to pay the highest price and outlines a strategy for confidentially targeting those buyers.
  • Targeted Marketing: If you decide you want Morgan & Westfield to conduct a targeted campaign, we will work with you to prepare a list of potential buyers, including corporations and competitors. We will send them a copy of your Teaser Profile to pique their interest and then follow up with them to determine if they are viable potential buyers. The confidentiality of your business is maintained throughout this process as the Teaser Profile does not disclose the identity of your company.
  • Screening Buyers: Buyers are evaluated in phases. This allows us to thoroughly screen them and ensure mutual exchange of information at measured stages as the sale unfolds. Buyers are screened more thoroughly at various steps of the process to ensure they are qualified before they receive additional confidential or sensitive information on your business. Buyer pre-screening ensures the most efficient and confidential method for selling your business.


  • We recommend keeping your business on the market until you sign a definitive purchase agreement with a non-refundable deposit, until closing, or if you have agreed to an exclusivity period with a buyer. Doing so keeps the buyers on their toes and prevents them from engaging in last-minute negotiations or games. Remember, a deal can die at any time before the closing.

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