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Deciding how to exit your business will be the most important decision you’ll make in your lifetime. That’s where the professionals at Morgan & Westfield come in. We help you get your business ready to go on the market so you can increase your bottom line.

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Here are some hard facts about owning and selling a business:

Not being prepared could cost you 50% or more of your final business value.

Most business owners have 90% of their wealth tied up in their business.

Nearly 80% of business owners rely on the sale of their business to fund their retirement.

All business owners will exit their business at some point.

Step One - Assessment

The marketplace will ultimately determine the selling price of your business. Morgan & Westfield will bring an objective, professional eye to value your business. Our initial research and analysis will help us assess your business with an objective eye. We also identify areas in your business that need to be strengthened to maximize the sales price.

Our review of your business is an external, unbiased evaluation of your business’s worth on the open market, calculated by grading your company against key factors.  We’ll determine the value gap between what your business is currently worth and its potential worth. We’ll also show you steps you can take to leave on your terms while receiving the sales price you deserve. Our process helps you discover the important presale steps you should take to guarantee a successful sale, either now or if you decide to sell your business in the future.

Step One (the Assessment) is designed for business owners who are:
  • Ready to sell now.
  • Currently in the process of selling and would like a second opinion.
  • Exploring the possibility of selling and want to review options and decide if it makes sense to sell now or in the future.
  • Looking to sell in the future and would like to prepare for an eventual sale.
Once we assess your business, you can decide between these options:
  • Sell now, based on the current condition of the business.
  • Sell now and implement the plan while in the process of selling.
  • Wait to sell and begin implementing the plan.
Benefits of the Assessment:

There are many benefits to having Morgan & Westfield review your business:

  • Flexibility: Our recommendations can be implemented before you sell or while in the process of selling your company.
  • Improve Chances: You will increase your chances of success by identifying areas of opportunity and risk.
  • Increase Value: Our report pinpoints personal, financial and business actions needed to improve value and readiness.
  • Investment: You can maximize the value of your most valuable asset and save time and money before committing to the process.
  • Key Factors: Our analysis tells you how sellable your business is based on key factors.
  • Peace of Mind: You'll know that your business will be ready to sell when you need to, either today or in 10 years.
  • Practical: Our valuation will reflect the true value of your business, unlike most appraisals for legal purposes.
  • Unbiased Advice: You will receive independent, unbiased advice from a buyer's perspective about whether your business will be easy or hard to sell.
  • 100% Credit: You’ll receive a 100% credit* toward Step 2 of our process if you retain us to sell your business within 30 days upon completion of the Assessment. The credit does not apply toward individual services.     
  • Confidential: Our services are 100% confidential and personalized for your business. Our analysis includes an in-depth review of your business, financial statements and other key documents.
  • One-Time Fee: We have a one-time fee void of surprises; there are no ongoing commitments or other unexpected costs.
  • Quick Turnaround: We provide a quick turnaround of our services and complete our analysis within one to two weeks of receiving the necessary information from you.

Step One (The Assessment) Includes Two Components:


100% Risk-Free

100% credit toward services: Getting started is risk-free. Receive a 100% credit towards Step 2 if you retain us within 30 days of completion of the assessment. Sign up today and cancel tomorrow; no long-term contracts are ever required.

$0-1 Million * in Annual Revenue


  •  100% Risk-Free Credit
  •  Exit Strategy
  •  Valuation
  •  45 Minute Consultation
  •  10  Day Turnaround Time

$1-5 Million in Annual Revenue


  •  100% Risk-Free Credit
  •  Exit Strategy
  •  Valuation
  •  45 Minute Consultation
  •  10 Day Turnaround Time

$5-100 Million in Annual Revenue


  •  100% Risk-Free Credit
  •   Exit Strategy
  •   Valuation
  •   45 Minute Consultation
  •   10 Day Turnaround Time

* We only work with companies with a minimum revenue of $300,000 per year.

Your Package Includes

  Exit Strategy

Written report, analysis and step-by-step instructions for planning the sale of your business.


Spreadsheet mapping the key variables, normalized financial statements, pricing guidelines from low to high.

  Turnaround Time

Once we receive the information we need from you to prepare your package, we will contact you within seven calendar days to schedule the consultation. We can expedite the turnaround time to three (3) calendar days for an additional fee of $100.


A 45-minute consultation to discuss the findings from the Exit Strategy & Valuation.

Next Steps: Once the assessment has been completed, we’ll prepare a personalized strategy that includes the next steps we would recommend you to take.