Preparing a customized strategy to sell your business

The first step to selling any business begins with preparation. With our decades of experience helping sell hundreds of businesses, we can provide you with unbiased advice that will greatly improve the chances of a successful sale.

The strategy is a personalized foolproof game plan to help you execute the strategy to sell your business. It includes a written report, as well as an in-depth consultation and review of your business. It contains tried and tested, step-by-step instructions on a range of topics to consider when planning the sale of a business. The process helps you discover the important steps you should take to guarantee a successful sale. Personalized advice is given on a variety of important factors, from pricing your business to preparing for due diligence.

The process is completely confidential and prepared by our experienced intermediaries with over ten years of experience. 

The exit strategy is also available if you are preparing to sell your business and are considering your options, but are not quite ready to formally begin the process.

Caution – Did you know that 80% of businesses for sale do not sell, because of inadequate planning? Planning is the proven way to guarantee the successful sale of your business.

Important - The process for each business is different. Your business may, or may not require the steps listed herein. To obtain a custom proposal to sell your business, please contact us.

Construction Services Company - “I would like to express my thanks to Morgan & Westfield. They have done such a great job helping me get my company sold. They have gone the extra mile to help where I needed it. If it were not for your ability to think outside of the box, I would not have sold my company. I strongly recommend Morgan & Westfield to help sell your business.” John P.