Payment Terms

Fixed Fees

Morgan & Westfield may offer fixed fees for specific services, as described in an Addendum to the Consulting Agreement. Unless agreed otherwise, half of the fixed fee is due upon the Client’s signing of the Addendum. The remaining half of the fee shall be due upon completion of the services or 90 days from the signing of the Addendum, whichever is earlier.

Hourly Rates

With respect to services not covered by a fixed fee arrangement, Morgan & Westfield shall charge fees for services on an hourly basis at the following rates:

  • Senior officer – $450 per hour.
  • Staff member – $75 per hour.

Time is billed in increments of 5 minutes and includes any time spent by Morgan & Westfield working on Client’s matter, whether by email or phone.

Payment Methods

Client shall provide Morgan & Westfield with their credit or debit card number, expiration date, and any other information necessary for Morgan & Westfield to charge Client’s card. Morgan & Westfield shall keep the foregoing information strictly confidential. Client authorizes Morgan & Westfield to, without further notice, charge Client’s card for fees agreed upon on or after the due date of such fees. If the total fee is greater than $5,000, Morgan & Westfield may require Client to pay the fees via wire transfer to the account designated by Morgan & Westfield.

Fees for Non-Remote Work

Client acknowledges that Morgan & Westfield is able to offer competitive rates because it performs its Services via phone, email or online, which eliminates travel time. Non-remote work, which includes without limitation, face to face meetings, physical visits or investigations in government offices or third party premises, and any travel time, shall be charged on an hourly basis, plus travel expenses, unless agreed otherwise.

Extensive Contract Revisions

Morgan & Westfield’s fees assume minimal changes to its standard contract forms, which are designed to be fairly neutral between buyer and seller. If a party requires extensive changes to Morgan & Westfield’s forms, Client should engage his own attorney to review such changes. Alternatively, the Client may engage Morgan & Westfield to review such changes at Morgan & Westfield’s standard hourly rates. Morgan & Westfield shall