Why Us

Running your business is what you do best – selling your business is what we do best.

Selling your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You have one chance to get it right.

Go with a team of experts whose only specialty is selling businesses. Whether your company is worth $1 million or $100 million, we help make the sales process as stress-free as possible.

Morgan & Westfield requires no long-term commitments, unlike other M&A firms.
Sell now or sell later –  we’re here to help you whatever you decide.

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Meet Your Team

Jacob Orosz Portrait

Jacob Orosz

President and Founder of Morgan & Westfield

Emery Orosz Headshot

Emery Orosz

Director of Client Intake

Ann Miller Headshot

Ann Miller

Executive Assistant to the President

Lindiwe Chiumbu Maseko Headshot

Lindiwe Chiumbu-Maseko

Director of Client Services

Irv Williamson

Irv Williamson

Director of Financial Analysis, CPA

Melanie Fairhurst Headshot

Melanie Fairhurst

Director of Knowledge Management

Our Proven Approach

The Morgan & Westfield 4-Step Method

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the process of selling a business. Here’s the result:

Step 1: Assess

Our assessment helps you determine if you’re ready to sell now and what steps to take before you begin the sales process.

Step 2: Prepare

Once you decide to sell, we will begin to professionally package your company before going to market, ensuring optimal presentation.

Step 3: Market

We develop and execute a strategic marketing campaign focused on targeting the right type of buyers, including individuals, strategic, and financial buyers.

Step 4: Close

We’re with you every step of the way until the check clears, providing support and guidance throughout the process.


At Morgan & Westfield, no long-term commitments or contracts are required. We aim to be transparent about our fees from the very start — a rarity among M&A firms. That said, every business — and each deal — is unique, so our fees can be adjusted accordingly, depending on the circumstances.

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Real Stories from Real Clients

a bath in a well lit bathroom
Industry: ServicesRegion: West Coast

Life is short. Don’t wait too long to retire. After developing a successful franchise business for 27 years, Janie and Dale Burch were prepared to sell. It was time to reward themselves, putting the priority of spending time with family…

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a white kitchen, black counter tops and silver appliances
Industry: ServicesRegion: West Coast

For a business owner looking to sell a business, learning as much about the sales process would probably be one of the first few steps that he might take in preparation for the sale. Consequently, researching about buyers’ experiences and…

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a clean white and stone bathroom
Industry: ServicesRegion: South Central

In 2003, an inspiration to remodel their home made them realize how valuable refinishing is to homeowners. That recognition led them to once again put up their own business – after selling their eight-year-old Manhattan Bagel shop to someone who…

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a person in a hospital gown using a walker
Industry: Health CareRegion: Southwest

Selling a business is not only about finding a buyer and closing a deal. It’s about finding the right person to carry on your legacy. This was the goal Ed and Mary Antonowicz envisioned when they sold their successful homecare…

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Industry Experience

Looking for a professional who understands your industry? Morgan & Westfield has helped sell and value businesses of all sizes in over a hundred industries:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Communication
  • Entertainment & Fitness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Tech
  • Wholesale & Distribution

Closed Transactions

Here is a partial list of some of our recent transactions:

Everything Tea by Gina Logo
M&D Mower and Appliance Logo
Davenport & Daughter Inspections Logo
Don Lollar Plumbing Company Logo
Murrieta Academy of Music Company Logo
Rival Fitness Company Logo
Sugar River Raceway Company Logo
Creative Color Art Studios Company Logo
Red Rambler Coffees Company Logo
Pioneer Cleaning Logo
Novel Brewing Co Logo
King's gourmet logo
Rout 66 Plumbing Company Logo
Island Art Party Company Logo
Green Leaf Company Logo
ComForCare Company Logo
Imago Dei Company Logo
PuroClean Company Logo
Terra & NextHome Terra Company Logo
Keystone Software Logo
Aire-Master Logo
Miracle Method Company Logo
Steketee Turf Service Company Logo
Mother Nature's Goodies, Inc. Logo
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t require a contract, what am I canceling when you say I can cancel at any time?

Our agreement is simply an outline of our responsibilities, not a long-term contract or commitment. You can cancel or take your business off the market at any time. Unlike other M&A firms, there are no penalties for canceling. Refunds are prorated based on the amount of work completed.

Can I trust a firm’s claims regarding its success rate?

Generally not. It’s common for advisors to quote success rates, but these can be misleading. The success rate is hard to determine. If you’re presented with a track record without details on how the numbers were calculated, you need to ask more questions.

Read our Knowledge Base Article “Can an M&A Firm’s Success Rate be Accurately Measured?

Are upfront fees appropriate?

Upfront fees are appropriate only when a specific service is being provided. The reality is that experienced advisors are more likely to charge upfront fees. Because most M&A professionals invest substantial time preparing a business for sale, they are reluctant to put the effort in without being paid upfront. Some brokers simply don’t have the infrastructure or resources to justify upfront fees.

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