Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply, Inc. Acquires Aphrodite Divine Confections in Texas 

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply, Inc., based in San Antonio, Texas, acquired wholesale gourmet frozen dessert manufacturer Aphrodite Divine Confections, based in Texas, on June 2, 2023. This marks Johnson Bros.’ vertical expansion into the manufacture of wholesale bakery items.

Transaction Summary

The Facts of the Acquisition

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply (acquirer) is a distributor of commercial bakery products, such as bakeware, bakery ingredients, frozen goods, sweeteners, and others. Through its in-house brand Bakeholic, the company also sells prepared desserts. Aphrodite Divine Confections (target) manufactures ready-to-serve and ready-to-bake desserts.

Our Take on the Acquisition

With the acquisition of Aphrodite, Johnson Bros. has effectively expanded into the production of desserts. The company already has an in-house brand, Bakeaholic, that can use Aphrodite’s factory and range of products. The Bakeaholic brand can be expanded to include the ready-to-bake and ready-to-serve items from the target’s catalog.

Integration of vertical acquisitions can be challenging for any business. Manufacturing dessert items poses its own supply chain issues and risk. However, Johnson Bros. is a supplier of the main ingredients, raw materials, and baking items required for Aphrodite’s products. We expect the supply chain challenges will pose minimal challenges.

The Transaction

Date:June 2, 2023
Purpose: To expand into manufacturing through acquisition.
Acquirer’s Statement:Kevin Johnson, owner and president of Johnson Bros. – “This was a move I have been looking forward to. It has been a lifelong goal and dream to continue our expansion into manufacturing. We plan on maintaining the ultra-high-quality products and working to move them into new segments.” 

The acquisition will expand the company’s line of custom and proprietary baked foods under Bakeaholic brands. Aphrodite products and labels will remain unchanged. Johnson Bros. will be investing in additional upgrades in manufacturing at Aphrodite immediately.

Target/Seller: Aphrodite Divine Confections

Company Information

Target:Aphrodite Divine Confections
Industry: Food Service – Wholesale gourmet frozen dessert manufacturing
Employees:51-200 (Self-published on LinkedIn)
Locations:Corporate Office and Production Facility: 2677 Forest Lane, Garland, Texas, United States

Product Information 

Product:Gourmet Place & Bake Cookies – Frozen, ready-to-bake cookies
All-Natural Place & Bake Togas – Frozen, ready-to-bake, filled pastry sweet snacks
Thaw & Serve Dessert Bars – Ready-to-serve dessert bars

Financial Information 

Revenue:USD $12 million (Estimated)
Revenue per Employee:Buyer’s Revenue per Employee of USD $240,277 x Employees of the target (50)

Target/Seller Overview: Aphrodite Divine Confections

For over 30 years, a delightful assortment of confections has made Aphrodite Divine Confections synonymous with deliciousness. The company produces gourmet frozen cookie dough, filled frozen dough cookies, place-and-bake togas (filled pastries), dessert bars, and squeeze-and-bake batter. It also manufactures private-label products for nationally recognized franchises, hotels, fine restaurants, and caterers.

Aphrodite Divine Confections’ ready-to-bake line of desserts
Aphrodite Divine Confections’ stall at Ben E. Keith’s Spring Show

Buyer/Acquirer: John Bros. Bakery Supply Inc.

Company Information

Buyer:John Bros. Bakery Supply, Inc.
Industry:Food and Beverage Services – Commercial Baking Products
Location:Distribution Center: 4525 S. Pinemont Drive, Houston, Texas, United States
Distribution Center: 10731 I.H. 35 N. San Antonio, Texas, United States
Distribution Center: 1225 East Crosby, Ste B-24 Carrollton, Texas, United States

Product Information 

Type:Private, family owned
Employees:51-200 (Self-published on LinkedIn)
Product:Over 5,000 baking supply products
Market Reach:Arkansas, United States
Oklahoma, United States
Texas, United States

Financial Information 

Revenue:USD $17.3 million (2022) (Source: Datanyze)
Revenue per Employee:USD $240,277

Buyer/Acquirer Overview: John Bros. Bakery Supply Inc.

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply, Inc. (JBBS) is the largest Texas-based provider of commercial baking products. It was founded by brothers Kevin and Blain Johnson in September 1994. Driven by an unwavering commitment to providing quality baking supplies at a fair price, the brothers’ upstart company quickly found a home in the San Antonio market, with offices in Carrollton and a distribution center in Houston to follow. In 2012, after 18 years at JBBS, Blain Johnson decided to hang up his apron to pursue his passion for mission work full-time. Following Blain’s departure, Kevin acquired sole ownership of JBBS.

Kevin soon identified an untapped market for professional cake supplies at the consumer level. What started as a hunch would become Johnson Bros.’ most ambitious undertaking to date, and the first “Over the Top Cake Supplies” retail store was launched in 2013, followed by additional locations in San Antonio, Round Rock, and The Woodlands.

In 2015, as the craft beer market evolved from niche curiosity to a real market force, JBBS founded Brewery Direct LLC, a brewery supply company serving Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The following year, JBBS introduced the Bakeaholic private-label product line.

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply market reach

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