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Morgan & Westfield provides M&A services to corporations in select industries.



This industry consists of digital and print media publishers as well as telecommunications companies. The key to closing transactions in this space is having dealmakers who not only understand the critical aspects of technology, media, and telecom deals but who also clearly communicate those details to potential buyers. Increased competition has pushed telecommunication and media companies toward collaborating with different industries to diversify their offerings and create more profitable businesses. This sector is undergoing rapid change and continues to drive innovations globally across every industry.

At Morgan & Westfield, we work with companies across the market to stay at the forefront of innovation, including IT, software, communication, publishing, and other providers. The decades of experience across our team gives us insight into the unique needs of the media industry. We offer our clients access to a broad network of experts in the sector and customize our strategy to help clients identify and achieve their ultimate goals.

Many firms in the technology and communications industry have been experiencing significant growth due to advancements and the adoption of new technologies. The magnitude and rates of change have provided extraordinary opportunities for progressive firms. The challenge is that along with opportunity comes additional risk and volatility. Companies in these industries must be nimble as change comes rapidly and markets shift. Successful leaders of technology and communications firms must be focused not only on executing their business plans but also on broader market developments, trends, and opportunities.

Together with our committed M&A experts, Morgan & Westfield can position your company for success. In an industry packed with ongoing technological breakthroughs, extraordinary opportunities will arise. When it comes time to sell your business, our experience in the digital media sector will balance risk and opportunity and support you in closing the best deals.

Types of Businesses We Serve

  • Communication Systems and Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Resellers
  • Full Service Media
  • Internet Technology Consulting and Services
  • Online and Digital Media Publication
  • Print Media
  • Trade Shows and Publications
  • Value Added Resellers
  • Wired and Wireless Telecommunications

Representative Transactions

  • Advertising Agency
  • Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • Digital Marketing and PR Firm
  • Diversified Media and Publishing
  • Newspaper Publisher
  • Periodical Production
  • Promotional Products Firm
  • Publishing Company
  • Radio Station
  • Specialty Newspaper
  • Specialty Publication
  • Video Production Company
  • Web Design Firm

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