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Morgan & Westfield provides M&A services to corporations in select industries.



Every business has to adopt technology to flourish, but it’s tech companies like yours that are making this progression possible. As advancements continue to transform the face of modern technology, many tech company owners ask themselves: How do you recognize success in an ever-evolving industry? What is the right way and time to exit? We can guide you through the complexities of selling a technology business and help you avoid common rookie mistakes.

At Morgan & Westfield, our knowledge of new technologies, regulatory changes, and distribution methods, combined with our executive-level relationships, opens doors for our clients, whether they are looking for financing opportunities, prospective buyers, or strategic partners. We understand that an industry driven by innovation and change requires the expertise of an advisor who can stay ahead of the market and provide cutting-edge solutions that help achieve our clients’ goals.

We focus exclusively on mid-sized IT-enabled businesses that investment banks and M&A advisors typically ignore. At Morgan & Westfield, we shine when representing owners and founders who want to take advantage of the value they have created in their companies.

During the past several years, there has been a massive amount of M&A activity in the technology sector. Mature tech companies wanting to expand and maintain their positions have purchased companies and assets at a feverish pace. At the same time, private equity, angel investors, and hedge funds have entered the market to capitalize on the booming tech sector with high hopes of finding the next unicorn. Strong competition among technology buyers has created the perfect landscape for technology business sellers with relevant products and services.

The technology industry is dynamic but is constantly dealing with disruptive forces. Keeping pace with rapid change is crucial to making the most of key growth opportunities. While large technology companies make acquisitions to stand out from the competition, non-technology players acquire technology companies to survive in competitive markets or reinvent themselves. Morgan & Westfield connects its strong relationships and vast transaction expertise with the technology sector’s top financial and strategic buyers to provide customized solutions that optimize the value of businesses.

We have advised numerous technology companies and are familiar with the challenges that face this fast-growing field. The entrepreneurial spirit thrives in the technology sector. We bring a dynamic perspective to your situation, along with our strategic, middle-market investment management expertise. Whether you’re making an acquisition, seeking investment capital, or selling a company, we can create a strategy to maximize your results.

Our team has fostered relationships with strategic buyers, technology leaders, intermediaries, and private equity firms worldwide who are expanding their geographic footprints and business platforms via M&A. Our process is seamless because from start to finish, our industry know-how helps us decide if a seller is the best fit for our buyer before we introduce them. We screen every interested suitor before they meet a seller to ensure intent and quality.

We have an extensive network of entrepreneurial individuals, qualified buyers, private equity firms, and companies in acquisition mode looking for profitable, solid IT and tech companies to acquire. They are searching for businesses with exceptional upside potential, whether the CEO, owner, or founder has a personal exit strategy or wants to remain involved.

At Morgan & Westfield, our team consists of highly skilled technology M&A advisors who specifically tailor exit strategies for software business and technology business owners. We are proficient at handling a wide variety of sectors, including digital marketing, telecom, communications, e-commerce, software companies, and more. We are confident that we can locate the ideal buyer for your tech company and help you sell it for the maximum value in a reasonable amount of time.

Nowadays, even smaller IT companies can appeal to both national and international buyers. Contact us today to discuss the impact current trends and ongoing consolidation could have on your company and the expected and current business valuations. We can also provide insights on how to plan and prepare your business to reach your goals and maximize the profits when you decide to sell.

We offer technology sellers a vast network of vetted, prequalified buyers alongside our proven process to put your business on the market and sell it for top value. If you wish to learn more about how Morgan & Westfield can facilitate the sale of your technology company, contact us to arrange your no-obligation, free, and confidential discussion today.

Types of Businesses We Serve

  • Application Software
  • Communications Equipment
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Storage and Peripherals
  • Digital Media
  • Electrical Components, Instruments, and Equipment
  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Financial Technology
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Home Entertainment Software
  • Internet Software and Services
  • IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing
  • Semiconductors
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Servers, Equipment, and Systems
  • Systems Software
  • Technology Distributors
  • Telecommunications
  • Web, Mobile, and Social Network Applications and Services
  • Wireless Technology

Representative Transactions

  • Apparel E-Commerce
  • Domain Name Reseller
  • E-Commerce Retailers
  • Health and Beauty E-Commerce
  • Medical Products E-Commerce
  • Online Consumer Products
  • Online Estate Planning Services
  • Online Property Management
  • Online Real Estate Publication
  • Online Real Estate Title Services
  • Online Supplement Retailer
  • Skincare E-Commerce
  • Software Development

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