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Wholesale Distribution


At Morgan & Westfield, we combine our industry expertise and global perspective to understand and leverage the main drivers for clients in the wholesale distribution field. Our vast range of experience allows us to support our clients in their particular business ventures while optimizing opportunities in a highly competitive industry.

We focus on the wholesale distribution market, looking at specific subsectors from a ground-up approach. Our concentration in these sectors allows us to offer our clients access to the top decision-makers at leading financial and strategic institutions. Our real-world knowledge of the industry and its global players provides us with insight into various negotiating tactics and corporate strategies, as well as the most current international and local industry intelligence, making us a trustworthy and objective financial advisor to our clients.

The wholesale distribution sector includes businesses that serve as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. We have extensive experience working with businesses active in the supply chain between manufacturers and end-users in various market sectors. These companies usually have business-to-business models and generate revenue through the procurement of products or materials at low prices that are marked up for profit when distributed and sold.

Because these businesses provide convenience and omit the need to deal with numerous suppliers, they are favored among retailers. Some businesses may be in the growth or mature life cycle stage, depending on the products they distribute. Since the sector deals with light regulation, it is quite easy to enter. Product selection, competitive pricing, and service excellence are the top factors most industry players compete for when trying to acquire new business.

Companies in this industry gain a competitive advantage by offering exclusive products or establishing excellent distribution channels and supplier relationships. Particular growth factors for sector players depend on each distributor’s specific industry of operation.

The wholesale distribution sector is fragmented, large, and the main engine of the American economy, pushing products throughout the country and the world. Some of the obstacles wholesale distributors face daily include regulatory constraints, limited margins and expansion opportunities, slipping market share, and structural impediments. Building a business within the industry is often achieved by acquisition – and having experts to guide you when the time comes to take that step makes all the difference.

Geography and technology are two of the main selling features for businesses in the sector. Offering a smarter approach to business is where Morgan & Westfield’s insights help sellers and buyers thrive in achieving their goals. We’ll help you secure the maximum value for your business, whether you plan to expand with a capital raise or exit the industry. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Types of Businesses We Serve

  • Apparel Wholesale Distributors
  • Beer, Wine, and Liquor Wholesalers
  • Chemicals and Plastics Wholesale Distributors
  • Computer Equipment and Software Wholesale Distributors
  • Electrical Product Wholesalers
  • Food and Beverage Products
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment and Supplies Distributors
  • Manufactured Parts and Components
  • Medical Products and Supplies
  • Metal Service Centers
  • Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesale Distributors
  • Oil and Gas Product Wholesale Distributors
  • Office Product and Paper Wholesale Distributors
  • Personal Products and Supplies
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
  • Plumbing Products

Representative Transactions

  • Auto Parts Wholesaler
  • Building Materials Distribution
  • Cleaning Supply Wholesaler
  • Clothing Wholesaler
  • Footwear Wholesaler
  • Furniture and Home Furnishing Wholesaler
  • Grocery Distributor
  • Industrial Machinery Wholesaler
  • Industrial Supply Wholesaler
  • Packaged Foods Wholesaler
  • Packaging Products Wholesaler
  • Paper and Stationery Wholesaler
  • Tobacco Distributor

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