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Get started today. At Morgan & Westfield, there are never any long-term contracts.

Why Us

Our goal at Morgan & Westfield is simple: to help you successfully exit your business. Whether your company is worth $1 million or $50 million, our knowledge and expertise help ensure your process is as smooth as possible. This is how we do it:

  • We manage the entire transaction, allowing you to focus on running your business.
  • We represent you through the entire business sales process, which is custom-tailored to your needs.
  • We run a structured sales process that maximizes value and increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.
  • We maximize exposure through a competitive auction.
  • We confidentially approach private, wealthy individuals, financial buyers, strategic buyers, and industry buyers.
  • We ensure your confidentiality and security are maintained throughout the proceedings.

No Long-Term Contracts

Unlike others in the industry, with Morgan & Westfield there are no obligations or long-term commitments. Our flexible timeline offers you options, whether you’re ready to sell now or considering selling in the future.

The Morgan & Westfield 4-Step Method

Selling a business is complicated. That’s why we invested more than a decade developing our proprietary Morgan & Westfield 4-Step Method, which is designed to streamline the process, reduce risk, maximize the purchase price, and amplify exposure for your business. We have broken down the process of selling a business into clear, understandable, and easily executed steps — the result is a process that is simple, transparent, and highly effective.

We take a data-centric approach to deal-making based on hundreds of past transactions, including those that went well and those that could have gone more smoothly — all designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process and minimize risk. The result is that you benefit from our decades of experience to ensure this critical transaction transpires as smoothly as possible.

Our streamlined process is simple yet highly effective at any stage of the sale. With Morgan & Westfield as your partner, you’ll be working with a proven industry leader whose innovative methods are redefining the industry.

  • Step OneAssess: We prepare an unbiased assessment and valuation of your business before you begin the sales process.
  • Step TwoPrepare: We prepare your business for sale, which involves an in-depth compilation of critical documents before we actively begin our strategic marketing process.
  • Step ThreeMarket: We confidentially market your business for sale.
  • Step FourClose: From handling the negotiations through due diligence and closing, we are with you every step of the way.

The Morgan & Westfield Advantage

Your Confidentiality and Security are Assured with Morgan & Westfield: We understand confidentiality is important to you. Maintaining confidentiality is crucial to ensuring a successful sale. We do not disclose your confidential information without a signed confidentiality agreement. Information about your business is shared with potential buyers in measured stages only as their level of interest heightens, and the transaction unfolds. We work with you to maintain strict professional confidentiality each step of the way.

Our Team-Based Approach Ensures a Successful Sale: We take a team-based approach to selling your business and have a large back-end team of specialists dedicated to selling your company. At Morgan & Westfield, our advisor (front end)-to-staff (back end) ratio is 1 to 5, an unheard-of ratio in our industry. Rest assured knowing you have a dedicated group of professionals guiding you through the complex process of selling your business.

We Custom-Tailor our Process for Your Business: Your business is unique. So is our process. Our process is customized for every client. The approach is tailored for your needs, using our proprietary four-step process. Our team is highly process-driven and focused, but not to the extent of being formulaic. We understand when a fresh approach is needed in order to gain and optimize value from a transaction. We offer personalized, high-touch service through every stage of the transaction process — maximizing your value while minimizing risk.

Our Streamlined 4-Step Process Saves You Time: Running your business is what you do best; selling your business is what we do best. We manage the transaction so that you can manage your business. Our process saves you time, allowing you to focus on running your business, while we focus 100% of our efforts on selling your company.

We Represent Your Best Interests: As a competent and committed intermediary, we maintain an objective, unemotional position that creates a buffer between you and the buyer. This objectivity enables us to interpret buyers’ motivations and behaviors more accurately and to adjust tactics to maximize them to your benefit.

We Maximize Exposure for Your Business: With global access to strategic buyers, equity groups, niche, and vertical markets, we create the perfect environment that enables higher prices and better terms. Our proprietary process is designed to create the maximum amount of demand possible to drive up the purchase price without sacrificing your confidentiality.

The Complete Guide to Selling a Business: A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business

The Complete Guide to Selling a Business: A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business

Written by Jacob Orosz, Founder of Morgan & Westfield

You could spend a lifetime figuring out how to successfully sell your business and still end up confused or clueless. What if you can stop the guesswork and start taking action now? With two decades of experience, Jacob Orosz puts together in this book the best tips and strategies he has used in helping hundreds of business owners successfully sell their companies.

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