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Sellers: Sell a Business

Get started today with an unbiased assessment of your business from industry experts.

Step 1 - Assess: Prepare for a Successful Sale

To help you maximize your investment, your Assessment includes the following:

A) Valuation: An unbiased evaluation of the potential ranges of value for your company.

B) Normalized Financials: We normalize your financial statements to calculate your SDE (seller’s discretionary earnings) or EBITDA.

C) Sales Strategy: Recommendations for selling your company based on findings from analyzing your business. Your sales strategy will be broken into steps, including details of the process, our recommended services, and fees for each step.

D) Exit Plan: A strategic plan to assess your exit options.

E) Phone Review: An in-depth phone review with Jacob Orosz, founder of Morgan & Westfield, to review and discuss our analysis of your business.

Receive a draft of your Assessment within ten (10) business days of us receiving your information. This can be expedited to three (3) business days for an additional $300.

Receive an Unbiased Assessment of Your Business

Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of your business. We review all aspects of your business including your financial data, key performance indicators (KPIs), your product or service, and its competitive unique selling point (USP), and also detailed discussions about your personal goals, your expectations for your employees, your wishes for the future of your company, and more. We discuss your objectives, timing, and current market conditions, and assess your readiness for a sale.

You’ll understand right from the beginning how we make it our business to understand your business, and how that gives us the ability to present your company in the best light possible. We know how buyers think and help you understand how different groups of buyers will likely view your business.

An objective and thorough assessment of your business assists you in deciding if the time is right to sell, helps you maximize value, and addresses any preparedness issues before going to market. Your Assessment outlines important presale steps you can take to meet your goals and ensure a successful, profitable sale. It lays out your options and allows you to intelligently plan your next steps to maximize the value of your business. If a sale today won’t support your personal goals, the Assessment helps you decide how to close value and marketability gaps.

Your Assessment will be useful whether you are:

  • Ready to sell now
  • Currently in the process of selling and would like a second opinion
  • Considering your options for selling in the future

With decades of experience, we know what businesses are worth and what creates value in each industry. While the marketplace will ultimately determine the selling price of your business, we take an objective approach to valuation. Our review is an unbiased, researched evaluation of your business’s worth on the open market, calculated using factors most important to buyers.

If you are considering selling your business, this will give you an idea of what your business is worth and outline any improvements you can make before committing time and effort to the sales process. If our estimation is below the value you expect, we outline steps to increase the value of your business before you go any further in the sales process.

Your Valuation will:

  • Determine a range of potential values buyers will likely offer, including analysis of the gap between its current and potential value
  • Analyze trends in revenue and profitability and their effect on your business’s value
  • Identify, analyze, and rank factors that affect the value of your business with a list of recommendations to improve your business’s value
  • Clearly identify your business’s unique selling points and potential deal-breakers
  • Identify areas that need to be strengthened, and actionable steps to mitigate these weaknesses and maximize the sale price

Click here to view our Knowledge Base Article that describes our process for valuing a business

When selling your business, it’s necessary to “normalize” or “recast” your financial statements to value your business. Most business owners deduct numerous personal expenses through their business, which ultimately lowers their net income. By clearly identifying those additional “perks,” you show buyers the cash flow and income available in your business.

We will adjust or normalize your financial statements, review your business’s earnings and make numerous adjustments to your profit and loss statements to calculate your SDE or EBITDA.

Click here to read our Knowledge Base Article “Adjusted Financial Statements: A Complete Guide”

We map out our recommended process and services for Steps 2 to 4 based on our findings after analyzing your business. Our recommendations are based on who the likely buyer of your business will be, the potential value of your company, and the strategies most suitable for your industry and size of business.

This personalized report walks you through your options and helps you determine your next steps before going to market. We identify what you can improve, making your company more attractive to potential buyers. Whatever you decide, we help you make a plan and assist you through the transition. You can shelve this plan for future use or employ it immediately.

Your exit plan is broken down into the following sections:

  • Value Estimate: An estimate of the current market value of your business and what should be included in the price.
  • Value Drivers: A summary of your business’s positive, negative, and neutral value drivers.
  • Preparation: A list of specific steps you can take to prepare your business for sale and maximize its value in the following areas: financial, operational, legal, and people.
  • Marketability: A summary of the factors that affect your business’s marketability and the marketing strategies used to sell your business.
  • Potential Buyers: A list of the types of buyers most likely to purchase your business.
  • Marketing Strategy: A summary of our recommended marketing strategy to sell your business.
  • Deal Structure: A preliminary outline of the most likely deal structure for your business, considering its size and type.

Your Assessment includes an in-depth phone review with Jacob Orosz, president of Morgan & Westfield, to discuss your Assessment. This gives you the opportunity to talk about the details of the information in your Assessment. We clearly lay out all of your options, answer your questions, and discuss your next steps. Your Assessment offers you advantages whenever you are ready for the sale.

Fees for the Step 1 Assessment

Get started today with no obligations — no long-term contracts are ever required. You will receive a 100% credit of the cost of the Assessment toward the next step if you move forward with us within 30 days of completion of the Assessment package. The Assessment is available whether you are ready to sell your business now or are simply preparing an exit strategy.

Contact us today to schedule a free phone consultation to see how we can help you.

Here’s what’s included in the Step 1 Assessment:

$0 to $5 Million in Annual

$ 1,500

Normalized Financials
Sales Strategy
Exit Plan
CEO Phone Review

$5 to $25 Million in Annual

$ 2,450

Normalized Financials
Sales Strategy
Exit Plan
CEO Phone Review

$25 to $100 Million in Annual Revenue

$ 2,950

Normalized Financials
Sales Strategy
Exit Plan
CEO Phone Review

A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

A Roadmap to the Successful Sale of Your Business (152 pages)

You could spend a lifetime figuring out how to successfully sell your business and still end up confused or clueless. What if you can stop the guesswork and start taking action now?

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