Why Morgan & Westfield?

Commitment to Learning

How fast would your career advance if you were able to get your foot in the door with a team that inspired you to learn and grow? We recruit the top 1% of talent and contribute heavily toward our teams’ continued growth.

A cornerstone of Morgan & Westfield’s long-term strategy is to make a significant investment in the professional development of our teams. This commitment to learning is reflected in our values – we reinforce this by incentivizing our people to spend up to 10% of their working hours learning.

Strong Values

Our values form the bedrock of our culture. We diligently adhere to our core principles of learning, simplicity, and openness. These aren’t just a plaque on a wall – we live and breathe these ideals on a daily basis. We’ve developed a series of processes and routines to reinforce our values. The result is a culture grounded in learning, simplicity, and openness from which we never deviate.

Open, Respectful Culture

A career with Morgan & Westfield means being part of an open and supportive environment consisting of a team of talented professionals dedicated to long-term development. We don’t have the traditional hierarchical employer-employee relationship. At Morgan & Westfield, we’re all members of the same team and are highly protective of our company culture. Join a productive, respectful workplace focused on results with no office politics or petty workplace problems.


Autonomy grows in proportion to one’s self-development. The more you contribute – the more you earn.

Our objective is to help you focus on your strengths and interests and how they align with our mission. We continuously discuss your role, making adjustments along the way to better suit both you and the company. You may earn the opportunity to build your own team, switch departments, or even create your own products and services if you demonstrate the ability to do so. It’s up to you.


We’ve been remote since before it was fashionable. At Morgan & Westfield, not only will you have a flexible schedule, you will also be able to work from the comfort of your home office. Since 2009, our international team has been 100% remote, which has enabled us to master the latest innovations and communication tools. Enjoy a flexible work schedule that includes core hours and flex-time, as well as vacation and sick leave


At Morgan & Westfield, you’ll join an established company that offers the potential for a professional, stable career that can last decades, not months.

We’re debt-free with no investors to please. This means we can afford to stay focused on a meaningful, long-term vision rather than just profits.

Industry Leadership

They say selling a business is an art. We’ve made it a science.

We’ve invested over a decade perfecting the process. Morgan & Westfield is disrupting an industry business model that’s been in place for more than half a century. We’re determined to remain at the forefront for the next half-century.

Long-Term Incentive Plan and Performance Bonuses

We reward loyalty and commitment with a long-term incentive plan. Select staff are offered monthly and annual bonuses, and a 20-year incentive program that includes a contribution of up to 20% of their salary toward a savings plan.