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At M&A Talk, we bring you interviews with experts in private equity, business valuations, law, finance, and all topics related to M&A, Our past experts have included CEOs, authors, investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, private equity partners, business appraisers, VC investors, and more.

Our past guests have included experts from the following companies:

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions
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Podcasts are pre-recorded — not live-streamed


30 to 90 minutes


Audio only — no video


Conversational — the show is not scripted

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Benefits of Participating

  • Free exposure for you and your company – there is no cost to participate as a guest on the show
  • Opportunity to create more traffic for your website and showcase your talents Receive a link to your episode
  • Receive a link to your episode to share with your network
  • Enhance your credibility by showcasing your industry knowledge
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Jacob Orosz

President and Founder of Morgan & Westfield

20+ Years of M&A Experience: Over 20 years of experience facilitating mergers, acquisitions, sales, and other business transfers with transaction values up to $500 Million.

300+ Transactions: Successfully participated in or managed the sale of over 300 privately held companies representing both buyers and sellers in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Author of 6 Books on M&A: The Art of the Exit, A Beginner’s Guide to Business Valuation, The Exit Strategy Handbook, Closing the Deal, Acquired and Food & Beverage M&A

Host of M&A Talk: Host of the #1 podcast on mergers and acquisitions – M&A Talk.

Host of Food & Beverage Talk: Host of the #1 podcast on mergers and acquisitions specializing in the food & beverage industry – Food & Beverage Talk.

Host of:

The #1 Podcast on Mergers & Acquisitions


We require a noise-canceling USB headset. We do not allow using a built-in laptop microphone, AirPods, Bluetooth headset, etc. We recommend a stereo headset with two earcups to help eliminate echo. This type of headset ensures a high-quality recording, which is critical for a successful podcast episode. Following are a few of our recommendations:

Logitech H390 ($25-$30)

This has been the top-selling USB headset on Amazon for many years and offers exceptionally high sound quality and is cost-effective. It works with both Windows and Mac (MacBooks require a USB-C adapter).

View on Amazon.

Plantronics 3220 ($30-$40)

This is another excellent alternative if you prefer a lighter headset with inline controls from the Plantronics brand.

View on Amazon.

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Part 1: Pre-Recording

You will talk with Jacob for 5 to 15 minutes before the recording begins. This will give you a chance to answer any questions, discuss the general outline of the show, and talk through possible topics to cover.

Part 2: Recording

We start recording immediately following the Part 1 Pre-Recording discussion. The recording lasts 30 to 90 minutes, and we break for a commercial every 15 to 20 minutes.

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Podcast FAQs

  • What do all great interviews have in common?

    The best shows sound like natural, friendly conversations between friends.

  • What topics can or should we focus on during the call?

    Talk about whichever topics you are most interested in and knowledgeable about related to M&A. There are no limits to what you can discuss as long as it relates directly or indirectly to M&A. We suggest focusing the episode on one specific topic, such as private equity vs. venture capital, instead of the broad topic of private equity. A focused topic will help increase listenership.

  • Does it cost anything to participate?


  • Can I bring another professional from our company to join me in this interview?

    Yes, but they must be approved. Please include their bio for approval when scheduling your show.

  • Is my interview available online?

    Yes, your interview will be accessible online and available to share with your clients and other professionals in your network.

  • How do I maximize the exposure of the episode?

    We recommend sharing the interview with your network, including your prospective and current clients, Facebook friends, LinkedIn, and other professionals in your network.

  • When will the recorded sessions become available on the website?

    We publish the sessions within 60 to 90 days of the recording date. We notify you by email once your episode goes live.

  • How do you recommend I prepare for the interview?

    This should be a natural conversation about a topic you are already well-versed in. No preparation is required beyond obtaining a USB headset, being in a quiet environment, focused, and ready to discuss your area of expertise.

  • Can I suggest questions to include in the interview?

    Yes, we welcome your input. You will have an opportunity to offer questions to discuss before recording the episode.

  • Who listens to the show?

    While the show is targeted at people interested in M&A, anyone can listen to the show from around the world.

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