Our Process


Preparing a customized strategy to sell your business

The first step to selling any business begins with preparation. With our decades of experience helping sell hundreds of businesses, we can provide you with unbiased advice that will greatly improve the chances of a successful sale.

The strategy is a personalized foolproof game plan to help you execute the strategy to sell your business. It includes a written report, as well as an in-depth consultation and review of...


Presenting an accurate picture of your company’s actual earnings

We must establish a price for your business before we begin the sale process. Financial statements are the basis of all business valuations. Your financial statements must be “normalized” or “adjusted” so we can value your business. Financial statement “normalization” or “recasting” involves making numerous adjustments to your financial statements so the true earning capacity of your business can be identified....


Establishing an Asking Price for Your Business

At Morgan & Westfield, we are specialists in selling businesses, and have had decades of experience in business sales. This experience is important when it comes to valuing a business with the intent to sell your company. Companies that specialize exclusively in business appraisals often do not have an in-depth understanding of buyer’s needs and wants. Having this knowledge is paramount in pricing your company to sell.



Preparing a Professional Package to Present to Buyers

The Business Summary is a comprehensive, professionally bound report that saves time and limits post-sale litigation by succinctly answering buyers’ most frequent pre-purchase questions.

The Business Summary is sent to buyers after we have prescreened them and they have signed a non-disclosure agreement. A face-to-face meeting is scheduled with you and the buyer if they are interested after reviewing your Business Summary. You...


We develop the right plan to sell your specific business

The right strategy to sell your business depends on many factors. A strategy for a successful sale will be much different for a smaller business than it would be for a larger company. Other factors to consider include the size of your business, revenue, profitability or cash flow, the level of technical expertise and experience required, the industry in which your business operates, the importance of confidentiality, who the ideal...


Confidentially Marketing Your Business to Attract the Right Buyer

After we have prepared your company for sale and determined the selling price, then we begin to confidentially market your business for sale using a custom strategy.

Advertising methods we may use to advertise your business for sale: Bizbuysell.com Bizquest.com Inc.com (Inc Magazine) Wsj.online.com(Wall Street Journal) Nytimes.com...


Pre-screening Buyers to Ensure they are Qualified Before Presenting them Information on Your Business

We respond to all initial buyer inquiries. If the buyer expresses an interest, we then have the buyer complete our electronic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) online. Following are advantages of having us screen initial buyer inquiries for you:

The non-disclosure agreement provides the following information on each buyer: Buyer’s name, phone number, verified email address, complete...


Negotiating an Offer to Purchase

You have a potential buyer for your business. What do you do? Call Morgan & Westfield. At Morgan & Westfield, we can help you prepare the documents necessary to finalize an offer. We can help you turn that offer into a sale and save you money on attorney fees. Our closing services are available even if you haven’t used any of our other services. That’s the benefit of working with Morgan & Westfield. We can help you with the entire sale process...


Managing the Due Diligence Process

Morgan & Westfield has brokered many successful transactions. As a result, we know that most mistakes and deal breakers occur during due diligence. As your intermediary, we serve as a catalyst, helping you avoid setbacks and ensuring that your sale maintains momentum and closes quickly. We’ll help you anticipate buyer requests, avoid problems, and eliminate surprises.

The key to sailing through due diligence smoothly is being prepared and...


Orhcestrating a Successful Closing

Successfully closing the sale of your business requires a coordinated commitment by all parties to use tried and true legal documentation. You are rewarded with lower legal fees, fewer unwanted surprises, and a mutually satisfactory and profitable purchase experience.

Morgan & Westfield provides expert closing support that includes:

Coordinating the drafting of escrow instructions. Clearing outstanding contingencies. Coordinating...